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Ampegon receives new contract in Algeria

by david.nunes

Ampegon renews Shortwave Transmission Systems in Algeria

Turnkey project with transmitters and antennas to be installed for TDA at Bechar and Ouargla

Turgi, Switzerland, August24, 2015. Ampegon has received a major contract by Télédiffusiond’Algérie (TDA) for development and installation of new shortwave transmission systems, enabling TDA to broadcast SW without purchasing airtime from third party vendors. Ampegon has been selected within a restricted international call to tender as supplier.The company had already successfully installed multiple projects in Algeria. In 2014, Ampegon in cooperation with Transradio replaced the 1.5 MW longwave transmission systems near Tipaza and is presently modernizing two mediumwave transmitter stations in Bechar and Oulet Fayed. 

Ampegon will accompany TDA through the entire project – developing turnkey solutions at the two sites including two 300 kW shortwave transmitters, two shortwave antenna systemsand civil works. All the antenna works will be carried out by Ampegon in Schifferstadt, Germany, while the transmitters will be designed and constructed at the Ampegon factory in Turgi, Switzerland. The multi-million Euro project will be finished within two years at the end of 2016.

About Ampegon

Ampegon is a new brand established in autumn 2012 to merge the former Thomson Broadcast radio activities and newly acquired companies in one powerful and market leading group of companies. The group consists of Ampegon AG, Turgi (Switzerland), Ampegon Antenna Systems GmbH, Schifferstadt (Germany) and Ampegon PPT GmbH, Dortmund (Germany) with sales and service offices in China, Australia, UK and Nigeria. Ampegon serves the global Radio Transmission markets including Antenna Systems as well as Scientific Applications and Green Technologies with an extensive product range tailored to all needs of the customers in these strategic fields. The products and services stand for innovation, advanced technology and premium quality systems. As the leading designer, manufacturer and system integrator of AM/DRM Radio Transmission Systems worldwide Ampegon offers the complete system including transmitters, antennas and a wide range of auxiliary equipment. In addition the group is developing world-class technology and fully integrated solutions to serve scientific institutions with best overall performance: RF amplifier systems, high voltage as well as high current power supplies and modulators. A clear focus lies on Green Technologies for the benefit of our environment and to improve climate protection, offering photovoltaic power plants based on the company’s extensive turnkey experience and system approach.

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