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AMS-IX Amsterdam Receives OPEN-IX® Certification

by david.nunes

AMS-IX Amsterdam Receives OPEN-IX® Certification

Designation Marks the First Certified International IXP for Open-IX Association and the Third Certified Internet Exchange for AMS-IX

Amsterdam, the Netherlands / Cambridge, MA – April 7, 2015AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), the world’s leading Internet Exchange, and the Open-IX Association (OIX) announced today that AMS-IX Amsterdam has been awarded OPEN-IX® OIX-1.  By receiving this certification, AMS-IX Amsterdam is the first neutral and distributed Internet Exchange outside of the United States to be OIX-1 certified.

The designation marks the first international Internet Exchange Point (IXP) to receive Open-IX certification, further expanding Open-IX certification outside of North America to points across the globe. Amsterdam is the third AMS-IX operated Internet Exchange to receive OIX-1 certification, joining AMS-IX New York and AMS-IX Bay Area in the United States. OIX-1 certification for AMS-IX Bay Area made it the first Internet Exchange worldwide to possess OPEN-IX-certified neutral and distributed Internet Exchanges in multiple U.S. markets.  By receiving OIX-1 certification for its New York platform in early 2014, AMS-IX New York became the first Open-IX-certified neutral and distributed IX in the New York / New Jersey metro area.

AMS-IX Amsterdam provides a physical platform, distributed over 11 data centers in the greater Amsterdam area, at which over 700 international unique networks interconnect and directly exchange traffic.  This number of connected networks makes AMS-IX Amsterdam the world’s largest Internet Exchange in terms of connected parties.

“We welcomed the announcement of the Open-IX Association to extend Internet Exchange certification across the globe and are excited to announce our third Open-IX certified Internet Exchange,” says Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX. “This achievement sets a precedent for other global exchanges to become Open-IX certified and drive higher worldwide technical and operating standards for IXPs.” 

AMS-IX Amsterdam has met all Open-IX certification criteria and adheres to Open-IX IXP Standards Committee-derived standards of neutrality, openness, service offering, infrastructure and operations, reducing the complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets.

“We are pleased to name AMS-IX Amsterdam the very first international Open-IX-certified Internet Exchange,” remarks David Temkin, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Open-IX Association.  “As our fifth Open-IX-certified Internet Exchange Point, AMS-IX Amsterdam’s OIX-1 designation marks yet another momentous event for Open-IX, initiating a new era of setting superior IXP standards not just within the U.S., but also around the world.”

The Open-IX Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association formed to promote better standards for data center interconnection and Internet exchanges.  Organized and operated by volunteers from the Internet, the Open-IX Association aims to increase the reliability, resiliency and competitiveness of massive-scale interconnection for all.  With the help of broad participation of interconnect and data center professionals, the association has successfully developed Internet Exchange and data center consensus-based community standards and certified 22 data centers and five exchanges since its establishment in 2013.

AMS-IX is a proud sponsor of the Open-IX Association Americas Interconnection Summit (AIS), taking place April 7-10, 2015 in San Diego, CA.  To meet with the AMS-IX team at AIS, please email sales@ams-ix.net.

About AMS-IX

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is the world’s largest Internet Exchange. It was established in the early 1990s as a non-profit, neutral land independent Internet Exchange. Nowadays, it connects more than 700 independent networks, exchanging Internet traffic of approximately 3.5 Terabit per second at peak moments.

The AMS-IX platform provides high-quality IP interconnection and peering services for all types of IP traffic, from regular IP data, Voice over IP, mobile Internet traffic to video. Peering allows these networks to offer their end users (consumers and companies) stable, fast and cost efficient Internet services.

Additionally, AMS-IX hosts the first mobile peering points worldwide: the Global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX) and the first interconnection of IPX networks (Inter-IPX). AMS-IX deploys three Internet Exchanges abroad: AMS-IX Hong Kong, AMS-IX Caribbean on Curacao and AMS-IX East Africa Exchange Point in Kenya. AMS-IX’s affiliate AMS-IX USA Inc. deploys AMS-IX New York, AMS-IX Bay Area and AMS-IX Chicago in the United States.

More information on AMS-IX Corporate: www.ams-ix.net

About Open-IX Association (OIX)

The Open-IX Association (OIX) is an Internet community effort to improve the landscape of Internet peering and massive-scale interconnection.  OIX encourages the development of neutral and distributed Internet exchanges while promoting uniform standards of performance for interconnections backed by the Internet community.  The Association aims to promote common and uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity and improve overall Internet performance by developing criteria and methods of measurement to reduce the complexity that restricts massive-scale interconnection in fragmented markets.  The OIX Board is comprised of volunteer representatives from the Internet community, including William Charnock, Christian Koch, Chris Malayter, Keith Mitchell, Josh Snowhorn, David Temkin, and Barry Tishgart.  More information about OIX can be found by visiting: www.open-ix.org.

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