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Anite advances LTE R&D for performance of TD-LTE mobile devices

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Anite enables NCTU to accurately test the performance of TD-LTE mobile devices and optimise the end-user experience

Fleet, Hampshire, UK – 9 April, 2013 – Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, today announced that NCTU, a leading university in Taiwan, with a dedicated 4G LTE Broadband Mobile Lab, has selected Anite’s Propsim® radio channel emulator for its MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) testing system.

MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), a key feature of LTE, introduces complex radio conditions leading to new challenges within development, testing and performance optimisation of mobile devices. In order to achieve accurate results, performance testing of MIMO enabled mobile devices needs to be conducted under realistic, repeatable and controllable radio channel conditions. Anite’s Propsim® channel emulator enables NCTU to simultaneously and reliably test all parts of the TD-LTE mobile device that impact the end-user experience (antennas, RF front end, baseband processing).

The market leading Propsim® radio channel emulators are designed to replicate wireless environments and isolate performance issues in order to ensure the reliable functionality of any broadband wireless technology, such as TD-LTE.

“The Propsim radio channel emulator is a core part of our MIMO OTA testing system.” said I-Wei Chen, Executive Director of Broadband Mobile Lab at NCTU. “One of our key goals is to set up a very close-to-reality lab environment for testing LTE devices in order to reveal the true performance experienced by the end-user. Anite’s Propsim® channel emulator perfectly matches our requirements by providing accurate and repeatable fading channel emulations.”

“We are delighted to see leading laboratories such as NCTU carry out true MIMO OTA testing of TD-LTE devices through the use of our Propsim® channel emulators.”, said Paul Beaver, Anite’s Product Director. “TD-LTE device manufacturers in Taiwan can now perform pre-testing domestically, which will greatly help to speed up development of new TD-LTE capable mobile devices.”

Read more about Propsim® channel emulators and MIMO OTA testing at www.anite.com.


About Anite

Anite provides a comprehensive range of critical IT solutions to the Wireless and Travel sectors across the globe. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Anite develops and implements software as well as provides consultancy, systems integration and managed services to ensure that our customers operate effectively and securely. By using the latest technologies to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions, Anite meets customers’ specific requirements and realises tangible results for its clients.

Anite offers industry leading device and network test solutions for an enhanced end-user experience. Its rigorous and intuitive test solutions accelerate new device launches and ensure optimised network performance. As a global market leader with over 20 years’ experience, Anite provides cutting-edge technology to a wide range of customers including device, chipset and network equipment manufacturers, mobile operators and test houses. Anite’s key partners rely on its expertise and highly flexible, reliable test solutions.

Headquartered in the UK, Anite has offices in 15 countries across Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. For more information, please visit www.anite.com.


National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Broadband Mobile Lab (BML) was established on June 22, 2011. BML’s mission is to support Taiwan’s manufacturers to shorten the R&D time at developing LTE mobile terminals and chipsets. BML provides LTE pre-test lab environments including both conducted test lab and over-the-air test lab. BML builds partnerships with all major players in the TD-LTE industry to gain the necessary resources. BML also develops its own RealFlow test technology to test device in the most real, complicated, but close to end-user experience environment. http://r206f01.eic.nctu.edu.tw/

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