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Anite Product Updates

by david.nunes

Anite product updates


A summary of recent product enhancements and other updates relating to  test solutions SAS, CT, DT and Propsim.


SAS – Interoperability test solution

  • The latest SAS release comprises a number of new features and enhancements related to LTE/LTE-A operator acceptance test requirements, including MFBI and Carrier Aggregation.
  • SAS now supports capability to verify Category 6/7 peak downlink data rates of 300 Mbps.
  • SAS now supports 3 CC CA (SAS release v47), an important feature utilising fragmented spectrum available to operators.
  • The SAS Scripting and Interactive environment has been enhanced to better support IMS/VoLTE testing needs of major LTE operators and device manufacturers.
  • The operator-validated SAS solution now includes additional graphical and reporting options to analyse the data performance of LTE devices.

CT – Conformance Toolset

  • Anite continues to lead the market in GCF/PTCRB test case coverage following the release of Conformance Toolset v33.0 in October 2014.
  • Conformance Toolset supports more validated LTE and IMS protocol test cases and more unique test case validations than any other test platform.
  • Anite has in 2014 been responsible for more 3GPP RAN5 test case verification submissions than all other test equipment vendors combined. Recently verified features include: Rel-9/10 eMBMS, eICIC; Rel-11 eMBMS SC, feICIC, eMDT; Rel-12 bSRVCC.
  • Users are now able to run all Conformance Toolset supported test cases for all technologies (GERAN, W-CDMA, LTE, IMS, SIM) on a test system consisting of only two Anite 9000 units. This extended capability significantly reduces required footprint of and overall investment in GCF/ PTCRB conformance test systems.

DT – Development Toolset

  • Anite was first to offer chipset and device manufacturers the ability to verify their 4×4 Downlink (DL) MIMO designs and products, accelerating the development of LTE and LTE-Advanced devices.
  • DT now supports the latest LTE and LTE-A features in 3GPP Release 11 with proven Category 6/7 peak downlink data rates of 300 Mbps.
  • Graphical interface now supports a multitude of intuitive test writing, debug and analysis features; including improved parameterisation and constraints checks for NAS and RRC, Live analysis graphs as well as graphical display of post-processed logs.
  • Anite collaborates with key chipset and device manufacturers to verify the latest radio technologies (e.g. DL CoMP, FeICIC).

Propsim® Channel Emulation Solutions

  • Auto Calibration Unit (ACU), a new Propsim accessory, enables fully automated phase and amplitude calibration of a complete RF cabled lab test setup in TD-LTE and WLAN 802.11ac beamform testing. ACU does not require an external VNA (Vector Network Analyser), leading to cost-savings and a need for less space in the lab. Propsim with ACU hardware accessory accelerates the test setup calibration time and improves the accuracy of phase calibration as the phase sensitive RF cables and connections are untouched before and after the calibration procedure. ACU accessory is now available for Propsim FS8, F32 and F8 products.
  • Anite’s latest Propsim Virtual Drive Testing log conversion tool is updated to support LTE carrier aggregation and multi-RAT scenarios across LTE/LTE-A, WCDMA/HSPA+, GSM and CDMA2000 technologies. Propsim VDT conversion tool supports the latest Anite Nemo Outdoor and Nemo Handy field test logos.
  • New Antenna Array Tool option in Anite’s unique GCM test scenario building tool enables accurate modelling of user defined active antenna radiation patterns into dynamic CA, CoMP, 2D and 3D beam forming, MU-MIMO and HetNet test scenarios. This is a unique and significant improvement that allows Propsim users to significantly increase efficiency, accuracy and realism on laboratory-based performance testing of LTE-A devices and base stations.

For a complete list of features, enhancements and updates included in any recent product release, please contact your Anite Account Manager or send an email to wireless@anite.com.

For more information about Anite’s device and infrastructure test solutions, please read our company brochure.

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