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Anite significantly expands its data analytics and post-processing product offering

by david.nunes

 Anite significantly expands its data analytics and post-processing product offering

Anite announces the acquisition of Xceed Technologies Inc., a US-based software company providing data agnostic solutions for network optimization, analysis and reporting

Last week Anite announced the acquisition of Xceed Technologies Inc, to meet the growing market requirements for data analysis and post-processing and to further expand its network testing product portfolio. Xceed Technologies Inc. will be integrated into Anite’s Network Testing business unit.

The acquisition of Xceed is in line with Anite’s strategy to reinforce its position as a global leader in wireless test solutions. Anite’s established global market and technology leadership in network testing, combined with Xceed’s recognised expertise in data analytics, post-processing and reporting solutions, will enable Anite’s Network Testing business to transform its position in the data mining and post-analysis market. Strategically this is a natural growth market for Anite’s Network Testing business with strong customer demand for data analytics, centralised solutions and SaaS leading to customers looking for more complete and self-configurable solutions.

With the integrated offering, Anite Network Testing will have an even stronger and more scalable product portfolio for wireless network testing – making Anite a one-stop shop for data analysis:

· Nemo Analyze, a desktop post processing and analysis tool for use in conjunction with Nemo products

· WindCatcher, a feature rich desktop post processing and analytics tool supporting a wide range of data inputs, optimized for heterogeneous test environments, processes and reporting

· Xynergy, an enterprise level solution for network analytics, optimization and reporting. Xynergy’s analytics and reporting capabilities address customers’ needs in Performance Management, Site Acceptance, Small Cell Analytics, Benchmarking, Capacity and Customer Experience Management utilising data from subscribers, drivetests, OSS call trace and network data.

“The addition of Xceed Technologies positions Anite as a strong player in the analytics and post-processing market and is in line with our strategy”, says Petri Toljamo, Managing Director of Anite’s Network Testing business. “The transaction will enable us to globalise Xceed’s product portfolio via Anite’s extensive sales and reseller network. The two companies complement each other’s skills and know-how and together will accelerate product innovations to meet this market’s diverse requirements – now and into the future”, he concludes.

“This transaction is beneficial to both Anite and Xceed customers,” says Bary Azmi, CEO of Xceed. “WindCatcher and Xynergy are highly complementary to Anite. Our strong US footprint combined with Anite’s comprehensive product portfolio will make it possible for us to offer more to both customer bases. In addition, Anite’s solid financial status will enable us to increase product investment and access their global customer reach” he concludes.

For more information, please visit www.anite.com and http://www.xceedcorp.com or contact us at [email protected].

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