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Announcing Bango Grid: The global launch pad for carrier billing

by david.nunes

 Announcing Bango Grid: The global launch pad for carrier billing

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, March 2nd 2015 – Mobile payments leader Bango (AIM: BGO) announces Bango Grid – a new and unique product that enables app stores to launch and manage carrier billing markets with unparalleled ease, as they grow global mobile content sales.

Over the last few years, app stores and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have been racing to embrace carrier billing, recognizing the significant increase in digital revenues driven by frictionless charge-to-bill payment. Carrier billing is predicted to grow by 46% each year until the end of 2017, and to take an increasing share of overall mobile content sales (Juniper Research, 2014). Bango Grid delivers a major boost to this rapidly growing market, harnessing Bango data and partnerships, providing a new and rapid way to launch carrier billing in hundreds of markets worldwide. Features include:

  • Centralizes all knowledge, planning and management tools for carrier billing through a web-based service
  • Reduces the time to launch carrier billing routes, and ultimately enables one-click activation
  • Provides app stores with curated and mobile operator-sourced data in real-time
  • Includes market size, device penetration, technical capabilities, taxes, regulations and other carrier billing market characteristics
  • Enables app stores to determine best fit carrier markets to meet their specific needs

For app stores, Bango Grid is the fastest and most reliable path to carrier billing launch and revenue. For mobile operators, Bango Grid is a vital marketplace, removing barriers to launch and igniting the partnerships that will maximize value from their carrier billing capabilities.

The Bango Payment Platform has emerged as the industry standard for carrier billing, uniting app stores and mobile operators through a specialist platform and enabling the market to achieve scale. Bango has more than 140 live carrier billing markets and global leaders plugging into the Bango platform include Amazon, Google, Samsung and Microsoft.

Ray Anderson, Bango CEO said: “There are more than 700 MNOs globally, with different billing systems. It is no surprise that even the most ambitious app stores have not yet achieved 100 MNO activations.

Bango Grid is rocket fuel for app stores, providing the only way to increase carrier billing activations at scale. For the first time, the tools required to activate hundreds of markets are all in one place, through one integrated system. Backed-up by the Bango Payments Platform, app stores can now make carrier-billed payment a reality for every customer. ” 

The Bango team is demonstrating Bango Grid at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, in Hall 1, Stand 1F47, until 5th March 2015. To request a demonstration please contact info@bango.com.

About Bango

Bango’s mobile payment platform is vital to the global growth in digital content sales. The giants of mobile choose the Bango Payment Platform to provide a delightful and immediate payment experience that maximizes sales of digital content.

With over 140 markets activated by our partners, the Bango Payment Platform is established as the global standard for app stores to offer carrier billing. As the next billion consumers pick up their first smartphone, Bango technology will be there to unlock the universe of apps, video, games and other content that bring those smartphones to life. Global leaders plugging into Bango include Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Samsung (005930: Korea SE), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Mozilla. Visit: bango.com

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