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Anomalous Networks Launches Free “Bill Shock” App for Android Smartphones

by david.nunes

Anomalous Networks Launches Free “Bill Shock” App for Android Smartphones

Bringing Real-Time Telecom Expense Management to Users’ Fingertips

Company Now Offers TelicostDashboard In The Cloud for Companies to Track Employee Mobile Device Usage for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android Platforms as well as 3G Modems, M2M and Embedded Devices

Barcelona, Spain – Mobile World Congress –  ( February 16, 2011) – Anomalous Networks, Inc., the innovator and leading supplier of Real-Time Telecom Expense Management™ (R-TEM)solutions, today announced the availability of its Telicoston-demand dashboard solution and free Telicost-Lite appfor Android smartphones at Mobile World Congress (Booth 7A107 Hall 7). The Anomalous Networks Telicost Saas-based system gives small to large businesses utilizing Androids a real-time view of their data, voice and SMS usage and international roaming activities.

With Telicost, telecom managers gain greater visibility and control over their telecom assets while eliminating “Bill Shock,” and reducing telecom costs by 20 to 60 percent.

Telicost-Lite is the free app-only version that gives consumers the ability to track their mobile plan usage throughout the month in real time, and this gives them the necessary information to ensure they are using the most cost-effective carrier plan. With Telicost-Lite, the consumer configures their own Android plan parameters in the app so that they can be clearly alerted of potential plan overages – something that the FCC has been trying to get mobile carriers to provide since the recent surge in “Bill Shock” has been making headlines.

One of the many challenges faced by businesses today is the inability to manage their employee’s mobile device usage in real-time. With Telicost, companies receive a real-time analysis of every employee’s mobile device usage, and they can easily detect when a potential budgeting issue will hit and how they should most efficiently manage that plan going forward. They can manage this process without having to make a big IT investment in a custom TEM solution. This puts businesses in a proactive, rather than a reactive mode in effectively managing their telecom costs. There are no more surprises or major discrepancies between carriers and customers, or companies and employees on unfair or unexpected mobile device usage costs.

The FCC has reported that over 30 million Americans are hit with “Bill Shock” each year, which causes the wireless industry and consumers undue stress.  As more consumers adopt Android technology to gain added power and flexibility to their mobile capabilities, the opportunity for “Bill Shock” greatly increases. “Android bridges the gap in the market between smartphones and dumb phones by offering a cost-effective platform to allow all mobile users the ability to afford premium mobile features such as email, web access and GPS navigation,” said Anomalous Networks CEO Dan Rudich. “Many users don’t realize the impact this has on their monthly bill. Telicost safeguards mobile users and companies from going over their carrier plan limits. Both the free app and business solution can offer a savings of thousands of dollars based on many cases that are being widely reported in the international news.”

Telicost costs $5/per month per user and provides businesses with a centralized view or dashboard of their aggregated telecom expenses in real-time with streamlined reporting on data usage, international roaming, usage anomalies and asset location tracking. Telecom managers and users each receive immediate warnings when approaching the limits of their carrier plan, as well as when they have exceeded their plan limits. Users and administrators will also receive international roaming alerts so they can work with the notified telecom manager to modify behavior or adapt plans to meet user needs and company budgets.

According to a recent study done by Anomalous Networks with its carrier partners, the average North American Enterprise spends 20% more than budgeted on annual Mobile Data Plans.Real-Time Telecommunication Expense Management solutions provide an edge to enterprises by allowing them to capture and react to potential cost and corporate data security exposures in real-time.

Now Telicost administrators can benefit from the following features:

  • Projected telecom plan overage alerts for data, voice and SMS.  Telecom departments will now know when their users are at risk of surpassing carrier plan limits so they can prevent costly overage charges.
  • Enhanced international roaming alerts. Now within minutes of a user traveling outside of their home network the system administrator will receive roaming alerts announcing the roaming network and location of the Android smartphone, allowing for the purchase of a cost effective roaming bundle from their carrier.
  • Asset location tracking including map-view and locate-device functions.
  • New alerts including increased usage, decreased usage and device inactivity alarms.
  • Automatic Plan Optimization.  Administrators can leverage the Anomalous Networks database of common plans available from carriers internationally or they can simply author their own custom plan limits.  The system will then automatically calculate the optimal plan per device.

“With this announcement we are rounding off our portfolio of supported devices with the popular Android phones and tablets, ensuring our R-TEM supports all major mobile devices.” said Jaan Leemet, CTO of Anomalous Networks. “The Telicost solution is a win-win for the marketplace. The carrier provides the tools to better communicate usage to its customers, avoiding Bill Shock, and gaining loyalty; the user gains insight to real-time costs to adjust their plans proactively; the business gains control over telecom expenses without having to make a major investment in IT systems; and the FCC’s demands on telecommunications’ service providers to eliminate “Bill Shock” gets addressed.”

About Anomalous Networks

Anomalous Networks is the pioneer and leading provider of Real-Time Telecom Expense Management™ software solutions that allow small to large businesses to better manage the cost and security risks of deploying carrier-based mobile technologies and eliminate “Bill Shock”.  The company’s Telicost and Telicost-Lite solutions support leading mobile device platformssuch as BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, 3G Modems, RIM PlayBook, M2M Solutions from companies such as Sixnet and Sierra Wireless, and Embedded Devices such as laptops containing the Qualcomm GOBI chipset among others.  Anomalous Networks has recently been certified by AT&T and its Telicost solution is currently Bell Canada’s best-selling mobile solution. For more information, visit www.anomalousnetworks.com.To access an electronic press kit, go to http://www.virtualpressoffice.com/public/kit/AnomalousNetworksMWC11

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Contact Info:  Cathy Sperrazzo/ Eye-To-Eye Communications, Inc. / pr@anomalousnetworks.com / 858-565-9800

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