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Antik and BitTorrent announced the first BitTorrent Certified set-top box

by david.nunes

Antiik and BiitTorrent announced the fiirst BiitTorrent Certiifiied set-top box


Provider of IPTV solution Antik Technology with BitTorrent prepared the first set-top box with

BitTorrrent protocol whichl allows people to find, play and move large personal files online on TV.


December 11.01.2012 – Antik Technology, Slovakia-based manufacturer of IPTV devices, and

BitTorrent, a leader in peer-based computing and innovator of the BitTorrent protocol announced the

first BitTorrent certified set-top box in Antik´s product line Juice. It is able to dowlnload torrents, share

and play files directly on the TV. BitTorrent Certified devices allows that users can leverage the speed

of BitTorrent protocol and downloading, transcoding and file-shifting features are more effective and



Thanks our partnership with BitTorrent we made the first set-top box with BitTorrent protocol

on the world as the answer on demand of customers who record hi-def memories with their

smartphones, digital SLRs and HD camcorders. This BitTorrent Certified set-top box will help

them to find, play and also share all types of media files from PC into the living room. People

will have an access to a unique ecosystem that guarantees they can play any content with our

set-top boxes Juice on TV,” said Igor Kolla, Antik Technology CEO.


Certified consumer device – Antik´s set-top box allows seamlessly play content via BitTorrent protocol.

It is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data over the Internet as

video, audio and PC programs. Today BitTorrent ecosystem is an integrated solution of devices,

software and content which has more than 100 million active PC users who use certified TVs, DVD

players, NAS devices and others. Numbers of individuals and organizations in this technology

ecosystem are still growing.


About Antik Technology

ANTIK Technology is a Slovak company dedicated to a long-term development, production and distribution of hardware devices

for telecommunication industry. The company is a producer of professional encoders/transcoders, IPTV Server SW, IPTV settop

boxes and IPTV head-end, such as stream servers, network PVR, VOD and time-zone shifting. These devices are used by

telecommunication operators in several countries worldwide. More information at www.antiktech.com

Media Contact:

Antik Technology

Igor Kolla


+421 948 228 122


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