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Antik brings cost-effective device to transcode 120 streams at once

by david.nunes


Antik brings cost-effectiive deviice to transcode 120 streams at once


Slovak provider of IPTV solutions ANTIK Technology launches new hardware Juice Ember Hi-Density Multi Transcoder based on ASIC able to transcode up to 15 SD or HD channels. With 8 transcoding modules customers can manage 120 channels. This professional multi-stream H.264 HD transcoder is optimal solution for companies providing OTT content delivery.


April, 30.4.2012 – ANTIK Technology, Slovakia-based manufacturer of IPTV devices brings new ultra cost-effective professional tool to enhance transcoding efficiency for Over-The-Top content delivery. Antik´s Juice Ember Hi-Density is multi-stream IP2IP transcoder for bit-rate reduction allows compressing up to 15 SD or HD channels based on ASIC – Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. New device is able to transcode and transrate multiple high-definition or standard-definition video streams in real time, e.g. convert MPEG-2/4 content into H.264 format that represents latest video compression technology.



15 video streams transcoder and control unit have slim 2x1U rack-mounted design. With 8 transcoding modules they can manage up to 120 channels. For the good price/quality ratio it is optimal solution for telco headends and OTT content delivery providers.



Juice Ember Hi-Density Transcoder features strong chipset platform 1200 DMIPS Multi-Chip for ighest transcoding performance with low power consumption. It is price competitive solution for traditional OTT, Broadcast, Cable, VOD, video distribution and other applications based on ultra-fast chipset and HD transcoding up to Full HD. Juice Hi-Density transcoder supports wide range of bit rates: 40 Mbps to 64 Kbps and also HDTV to HDTV, SDTV, it is compatible with all major television broadcasting standards: NTSC, PAL, SECAM.



All features are supported by Juice Transcoder Web Management where you can configure

settings for your optimal performance. Front panel with OLED display offers another way how to manage it and check the status of device. More information on www.antiktech.com.




About Antik Technology


ANTIK Technology is a Slovak company dedicated to a long-term development, production and distribution of hardware devices for telecommunication industry. The company is a producer of professional encoders/transcoders, IPTV Server SW, IPTV settop

boxes and IPTV head-end, such as stream servers, network PVR, VOD and time-zone shifting. These devices are used by telecommunication operators in several countries worldwide. More information at www.antiktech.com


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