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Antik delivers USB HD transcoder for Macrosystem

by david.nunes

ANTIIK delivers USB HD Transcoder for MacroSystem

The Slovak company ANTIK Technology has released a customized variation of the new ultracompact Hi-Density USB Transcoder for the MacroSystem Digital Video GmbH (Germany). ANTIK´s transcoder allows extremely fast content transcoding and transrating.

June, 4th, 2012 – ANTIK Technology, provider of IPTV solutions, has announced the release of its ultracompact HD transcoder for the MacroSystem Digital Video GmbH, a member of the LOEWE group. The new Hi-Density USB Transcoder named “RenderBooster” is based on the ultra-fast ViXS XC 4105 chipset and can be used in many transcoding and transrating scenarios throughout the video editing process.

“After 6 months of developing customized firmware for MacroSystem, we are happy to
introduce an ultracompact H.264 Adaptive Bit-rate USB transcoder, optimized for the
videographer´s needs towards a more effective and faster workflow” explains Igor Kolla, CEO
ANTIK Technology.

“The Render-Booster is the perfect answer for the previously time intensive transcoding
process our customers had to perform every day when they delivered a project on disk or file.
The small and very fast transcoder is far more effective than the previously used software
encoding. A great product with cutting edge technology, very attractively priced”, says Jörg
Sprave, CEO MacroSystem Digital Video.

The new USB HD/HD and HD/SD transcoder “RenderBooster” is based on the ultra-fast ViXS chipset XC 4105. It represents a new category of devices with much greater speed, higher output image quality and lower power consumption (compared to the previously used software encoding). RenderBooster is directly supported by the new video editing software “Bogart 5” (with “Arabesk 5.4”), running on the Casablanca generation 3 turnkey systems. Users of these products benefit greatly from the much faster speed and enhanced image quality when outputting projects to VideoDVD, AVCHD (Blu-ray) and mp4 (H.264 file export).

About Antik Technology

ANTIK Technology is a Slovak company dedicated to a long-term development, production and distribution of hardware devices for telecommunication industry. The company is a producer of professional encoders/transcoders, IPTV Server SW, IPTV settop boxes and IPTV head-end, such as stream servers, network PVR, VOD and time-zone shifting. These devices are used by
telecommunication operators in several countries worldwide. More information at www.antiktech.com.

About MacroSystem

MacroSystem Digital Video GmbH, the inventor of affordable professional, semi professional and amateur grade video editing devices providing videographers with a powerful and easy-to-use resource for producing professional digital videos. In 2010, the majority of the company’s shares was acquired by The LOEWE AG, Kronach/Germany, a leading manufacturer of Premium
television and home entertainment products.

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