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Anvil forges MVNO relationship with aql to deliver landline services for mobile phones

by david.nunes

Anvil Mobile provides multiple geographic numbers

on a single SIM

16 December 2010: For businesses that rely on mobile communications, new MVNO Anvil Mobile makes it possible to have one or more local or national numbers on a single mobile phone. This is the first in a series of innovative converged business communications services made possible by Anvil’s new generation SIM card and through its collaboration with aql, the leading mobile network enabler and fixed line carrier.  aql provides access to one of the UK’s largest broadband infrastructures, as well as the Three mobile network that has the biggest 3G coverage in the UK.

Anvil’s new SIM card can be used with any 3G compatible unlocked mobile phone to support multiple landline numbers covering different geographic areas to the same mobile. For small businesses that operate over a wide area, this greatly improves customer perception and image by enabling local numbers to be promoted on business cards, websites and vehicles or in advertising and directories.

Incoming callers are only charged at the standard rate for landline numbers rather than for calling a mobile phone. Multiple device ringing means that users can answer either at a desk phone or mobile, while Anvil will also be offering other features such as the ability to record mobile conversations to meet existing and planned regulatory requirements.

With a new machine-to-machine SIM being introduced, Anvil will also be able to offer features such as remote video monitoring plus remote diagnostics and control. And when used in conjunction with a 3G router, the Anvil SIM makes it possible to set up instant local voice and data networks via Three’s massive 3G network. This is ideal for small, temporary or mobile offices.

“We recognised that many self-employed and SME businesses rely on mobile communications but want to present a more local image in the areas they do business,” said Ian Philip, founder and CEO at Anvil Mobile. “Through our collaboration with aql, we are now able to deliver an exciting range of flexible services that meet these requirements and also provide substantial cost savings. aql’s proven and robust broadband network provides nationwide coverage and access to some 12 million UK landline numbers, while Three’s 3G network reaches 97.4% of the population.”

Prior to starting up Anvil Mobile, Ian Philip has been involved in other successful start ups including high-speed modem specialist Miracom (previously Miracle) that was acquired by US Robotics; Multi-user video conference vendor Videoserver that IPO’d; network integration company Tricom; and Bluesocket that provides secure wireless networks. He has also worked in major corporates from Xerox to more recently, Samsung and Nokia.

For more information about Anvil, visit www.anvilmobile.com or call 01799 252000.

For information on aql, visit www.aql.com

Peter Rennison / Allie Andrews


Tel: 01442 245030

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