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Anvil launches Simply connect 3G voice and data business services

by david.nunes

Anvil launches Simply connect 3G voice and data business services

New Anvil 3G services for remote back up, surveillance, telecare and M2M applications are first to support both VoIP & data


4th April 2011: Anvil Mobile has announced a range of 3G voice and data services based on its new generation Simply Connect USIM cards with fixed IP addresses. Services include quick and easy set-up of in-building or outside networks for both voice and data; instant 3G back up to broadband or leased lines; along with remote video surveillance, conferencing and telecare. Also available are remote device management and 3G support for Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.


A 3G router with an Anvil USIM is ideal for temporary or emergency networks at short-term offices, conferences or outside sporting events, for example. And because the Anvil’ data USIM is the first to support VoIP calls, the Simply Connect service delivers an instant voice and data network wherever there is a 3G signal. It also provides immediate back up if a broadband connection fails and for backing up high capacity leased lines or supporting bandwidth hungry applications such as high definition video, up to six Anvil 3G USIMs can be bonded to deliver a typical throughput of 20 to 30Mb.


“For personal use, a standard 3G data service from any mobile operator is fine, but for business use and automated processes, the new Anvil 3G Simply Connect services lead the way in enabling 3G to be a credible alternative or back up to fixed broadband and leased line connections that support both data and voice,” said Ian Philip, MD of Anvil Mobile.


The new Anvil Simply connect 3G services also support remote monitoring, diagnostics and management, including the ability to upload new software and reboot applications or entire systems. And with the M2Mmarket growing at over 30% per year, according to Gartner, Anvil is able to support a wide range of robust and flexible 3G-enabled applications such as smart buildings, lighting control and meter reading, as well as vending and point of sale solutions.


Applications such as video for remote surveillance and telecare can now be delivered on demand, without wires and even when mobile. High resolution images can be monitored from a remote desktop or using a smartphone or tablet device.


Anvil uses a fixed IP address that can be configured in firewalls so that the router or other device with the USIM card can always be found and accessed by other devices or people inside or outside the corporate network or intranet. And while most mobile networks deliberately prevent VoIP traffic and use shared public APNs (Access Point Names) that can cause a dramatic decrease in performance when the network is busy; Anvil uses a private APN with a highly secure Layer 2 connection to deliver high quality, low latency services over the Three UK mobile network.


About Anvil Mobile

Anvil Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) founded specifically to bring a new generation of mobile SIMs and applications to market. With coverage provided by 3 UK and intelligent applications from aql, Anvil delivers a wide range of valuable features on a 3G SIM including land line numbers and calls at landline rates, text scanning and profiling and voice call recording. The Anvil platform is centred in London and Leeds and Anvil Mobile is headquartered in Essex and Cheshire, with business partners and resellers throughout the UK.


For more information visit www.anvilmobile.com or call 01799 252000

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