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APNIC 33 Showcases Critical Content in IPv6 Focused on Mobile Internet Growth

by david.nunes


Asia to host major Internet networking Conference

APNIC 33 showcases critical content in IPv6 focused on mobile Internet growth

HONG KONG Tuesday, 27 February 2012


This week, the world’s foremost networking engineers and researchers, business leaders, and government and intergovernmental representatives will gather for APNIC 33 and APRICOT 2012 for a week of practical workshops and conference sessions, hosted by NIXI and ISPAI in New Delhi.


This joint event is the preeminent Asia Pacific conference for Internet networking and related technologies in the Asia Pacific. In particular, APNIC 33 showcases regional IPv6 deployment as today’s most important industry topic.


A highlight of the joint conference program is a full day of IPv6 deployment content, with sessions geared toward business planning and network infrastructure. APNIC Director General Paul Wilson emphasized that following the implementation of the Final /8 policy, all networks must now be working toward IPv6 compliance.


“On the regional, national, and individual enterprise levels, we must shift our collective and individual energies to focus on building IPv6 infrastructure in all new and existing networks,” Mr Wilson said.


The Incredible Internet

In 2011, 5 of the top 10 economies allocated IPv4 address space were in the Asia Pacific region. APNIC Chief Scientist Geoff Huston remarked on the significance for Asia in light of the Asia Pacific reaching its final /8 of IPv4 space in April last year.


With so many statistics showing the staggering growth of fixed and mobile Internet penetration, this growth can only be maintained with IPv6.” Mr Huston is the keynote speaker for the IPv6 and Mobility session. 


APNIC supports the Asia Pacific community in producing real, tangible progress on IPv6 deployment. Sanjaya, APNIC Director of Operations and Services, said the Secretariat aims to deliver what the community wants and needs in order to move forward, which is skill building.


“During the past two years, the APNIC IPv6 Program has proven valuable to the Asia Pacific Internet community, and we are now expanding our Training offerings.” Sanjaya said.


The Kickstart IPv6 initiative has brought the total IPv6 delegation count (number of business that have received IPv6 addresses) in Asia from 185 in 2009 to 648 and 624 in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Internet Governance session at APNIC 33

The APNIC 33 program also includes a special session on global Internet governance, and in particular discussions on the future of the Internet Governance Forum. This high-level discussion, among government representatives from across the region, is open for anyone to participate.


“Asia is an active contributor to Internet governance discussion, and her influence is felt worldwide in terms of technical standards, manufacturing, and support services. These forums continue to strengthen the relationship between governments in this region which translates onto the world stage,” Mr Wilson said.


Capacity building in Asia         

APNIC 33 will also see the relaunch of the Internet Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) and recognise the efforts of fund partners International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada, Internet Society and APNIC as well as sponsorship by DotAsia.


Since 2009, the has given more than AUD 650,000 to 19 projects that incorporate the Internet as a social development tool across the Asia Pacific. Four projects were recognized in 2011 for their exceptional contributions to their communities.


Following ISIF’s huge success, the next phase of the Asia Pacific small grants program launches at APNIC 33, the Alliance for Internet Development and Digital Innovation which joins in other RIR regions, LACNIC (Latin America and the Caribbean) and AfriNIC (Africa).



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