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Apple Continues to be the Titan in Consumer Electronics

by david.nunes

Apple Continues to be the Titan in Consumer Electronics: Futuresource Consulting

The outlook for the global consumer electronics market is 2.8% growth this year. Mobile now accounts for 47% of total CE and continues to grow in importance. The other hot spots are wireless speakers and headphones, wearables, especially smart watches.

In terms of the competition, Apple continues to grow strongly in 2015 at 27%, continuing to put pressure on its nearest competitors and the Chinese CE giants who have witnessed significant growth in recent years, but have been impacted by their domestic market downturn.

Apple clearly is a significant player in the hot segments of the CE sector particularly the smartphone space which accounts for the lions share of the company revenues. The industry waits in anticipation for tonight’s announcements to hear what’s next for the company in terms of the iPhone 6 (s), particularly the financial community, as the iPhone has been a dependable source of return for investors.

The much awaited next gen Apple TV is also expected to be announced tonight, with new features such as voice control and voice search rumoured to be included.

The fast growing Digital Media Adapter market, which is expected to reach 41 million units this year globally, has become a highly competitive space. These products enable consumers to access online TV and video content on their Living room TV, particularly those without a smart TV or IP connected service provider box /device and consumers who want access to content that is not available free to air, that is often bundled on these devices.

The continued growth in online video and TV services, a business worth approximately $15 billion globally in consumer spend alone, is creating disruption in the pay-TV market and providing further opportunities for new power players like Netflix and Amazon. Much speculation exists as to whether Apple will enter this space with a curated subscription TV/video service, akin to what it is doing in music.

With the anticipated touch pad remote control with tactile buttons and motion control, will Apple TV 4 also tap into the growing online gaming market too, leveraging its apps store and the success of games offering within this?

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