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Application Segmentation Protects Enterprises from East-West Exploits: Cohesive Networks Introduces Micro-Perimeter Security

by david.nunes

Application Segmentation Protects Enterprises from East-West Exploits: Cohesive Networks Introduces Micro-Perimeter Security

VNS3:turret Secures Applications in Private, Public Clouds

CHICAGO, IL USA – January 20, 2015Cohesive Networks, a cloud-native security and networking company, today announced the availability of VNS3:turret. As the latest software offering in the VNS3 product family, VNS3:turret is a set encrypted, clustered software-only virtual instances that create a micro-perimeter around mission critical business systems.

Cohesive Networks, formerly CohesiveFT, recently re-named to emphasize the company’s focus on network security, has expanded their VNS3 product into a family of products that help enterprises secure and connect applications in public, private, and hybrid clouds.

“With recent high profile, broad-reaching and sophisticated penetrations of firms such as JP Morgan Chase and Sony, it’s increasingly obvious that simple perimeter level network defenses are insufficient,” said Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. “Combined with the fact that every portion of technical infrastructure is a target, application level security with encrypted segmentation is a must have.”

Protection and performance:
VNS3:turret combines the company’s connectivity technology with dataflow and compliance tools to create secure, redundant networks for each data center application. Because VNS3:turret encrypts and manages network traffic while also using adaptive compression, customers can avoid any serious network performance penalties.

“A secure micro-perimeter around each application builds ‘defense in depth’ with additional layers of security at the application edge,” said Cohesive Networks Director of Marketing and Products, Ryan Koop. “Now, our customers can protect against both external exploits and unauthorized east-west access between applications. VNS3:turret guards your network by routing traffic through encrypted switches.”

VNS3:turret allows customers to:

  • Create a cryptographically unique micro-perimeter around each application.
  • Segregate applications to eliminate east-west vulnerability and monitor interior traffic.
  • Isolate and monitor all traffic to flow through the secure edge.
  • Automate compliance reporting with dataflow and monitoring tool integration.
  • Provide the most comprehensive application security model available today.

Release notes: find out more about the technology behind VNS3:turret at Cohesive.net/products/vns3turret

VNS3:turret is available for private cloud customers, as well as public cloud users. Contact Cohesive Networks to get started today: sales@cohesive.net

About the VNS3 Product Family:
VNS3 products help enterprises secure and connect their critical applications deployed to the public and private cloud, protecting them from exploitation by hackers, criminal gangs, and foreign governments. All Cohesive Networks products are software only virtual appliances, available for most public, private, and hybrid clouds.

VNS3 has been available in over 20 public, private and hybrid clouds since 2008. Cloud and virtual environments that feature VNS3 products include: Amazon EC2 and VPC, VMware, IBM Softlayer, Google Compute Platform, Microsoft Azure, HP Helion, ElasticHosts, Verizon Terremark Cloud, Interoute, Abiquo, Rackspace, and Flexiant.

About Cohesive Networks:
Cohesive Networks is a cloud-native network and security company. Our VNS3 network routing and security product family helps enterprises build cloud-powered products and services on top of any cloud IaaS infrastructure. With VNS3, enterprises can extend networks into public, private and hybrid clouds to provide connectivity, integration and security for their applications. To find out more, visit www.cohesiveft.com

Cohesive is a member of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), a member of the Amazon Partner Network, an Amazon Marketplace Seller, Microsoft Azure certified, a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner, certified HP Helion Ready, and an IBM Business Partner.

VNS3 has recently won the 2014 EuroCloud Awards for Best Offering IaaS/PaaS, the 2014 Cloud World Series Best Security Solution Award, the 2014 DCS Awards for Datacentre ICT Networking Product of the Year, and the 7th Global Security Challenge Summit pitch competition.

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