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Approaching 100 LTE Operators Offer VoWiFi Calling

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Approaching 100 LTE Operators Offer VoWiFi Calling

August 16, 2018

According to the latest VoWiFi Service Launches Worldwide report by Hadden Telecoms Ltd, VoWiFi service is now available to users on 89 LTE or LTE-Advanced networks in 46 countries in all regions. This represents around 13% of all 686* commercially launched LTE networks worldwide.

The report’s author, Alan Hadden, Director, Hadden Telecoms said: “This is our first report on VoWiFi deployments worldwide. Interest in VoWiFi is growing strongly. We shall continue to monitor deployments of VoWiFi technology and related ecosystem developments for incorporating in future report updates.”

VoWiFi, often referred to as WiFi Calling, enables users with compatible smartphones to use the same telephone number and the same smartphone dialler interface to make (or receive) voice calls over a WiFi network, in addition to using cellular networks.

The report confirms a further 22 operators are planning, deploying or trialling VoWiFi technology on existing 4G/LTE networks. Taken together with the 89 commercial service launches reported above, it means a total of 111 operators are investing in VoWiFi-related activities in 57 countries.

The VoWiFi Service Launches Worldwide report (August 2018) listing all VoWiFi deployments, is available to purchase – see website for details www.haddentelecoms.com

*686 LTE networks launched to 31.07.17 according to Hadden Telecoms Ltd research



Website www.haddentelecoms.com

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Alan Hadden is lead consultant with a long experience in senior positions in manufacturing, regulatory, operator, trade association and consultative sectors of the telecommunications and mobile communications industry. He is a well regarded and widely referenced author of high quality trusted reports, information papers and presentations for the mobile industry in particular, and is a published author. Twitter @alanhadden

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