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APT Satellite and CICC expand partnership to promote Great Wall TV Platform in Indochina & South East Asia

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APT Satellite and CICC expand partnership to promote Great Wall TV Platform in Indochina & South East Asia


Macau, 8 November 2016 – APT Satellite Company Limited (APT Satellite) and Chinese International Communication Co. Ltd (CICC) today announced a major breakthrough in their cooperation. After 2-months test run on APSTAR-6 satellite at 134E and APSTAR-L satellite at 128E, CICC officially commits APT Satellite to promote Great Wall TV Platform, a mix of 25 TV channels from China with Chinese, English or French voice-over, to new viewers in ASEAN countries.

“The Great Wall TV is the only platform, with exclusive right, to export TV contents from China to the world. The new expansion this time is a strategic move to attract new audience. Though APT Satellite has proved to be our reliable partner since we launched first Great Wall TV platform on APSTAR-5 satellite nearly one decade ago, we are very excited to find new synergy between two companies. APT Satellite has over-20-years experience and an extensive network in this area. We can make best use of these resources, quickly tap into the new markets,” said LYU Chunguang, General Manager of CICC.

“APT Satellite plays two roles in this cooperation: providing satellite capacity and promoting Chinese TV content landing in ASEAN countries. We are pleased of being awarded the capacity supply contract by CICC for its new endeavor in ASEAN countries. And we are especially proud of being given the opportunity to team up with CICC, explore into the content distribution business arena. APT Satellite is willing to step out of its comfort zone, care for the need of the customers, share our experience with them, and most importantly grow together with them,” said Huang Baozhong, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales of APT Satellite.

Great Wall Asia platform is available throughout Asia Pacific region by its operation on three APSTAR satellites, namely APSTAR-5 at 138E, APSTAR-6 at 134E and APSTAR-L at 128.5E. The whole package or any channels inside can be contributed to cable TV, satellite DTH, or OTT operators based on authorization.


Reception Parameters of Great Wall Asia Platform


Source 1

Source 2

Source 3 (Boutique)


APSTAR-5 @ 138E

APSTAR-6 @ 134E

APSTAR-L @ 128.5E

Frequency Band




Downlink Frequency

12.538GHz & 12.721GHz

3732 MHz


Downlink Polarization




Symbol rate

41.250 Msps

30 Msps

40 Msps



DVB-S2, 8PSK, CR=3/4

DVB-S2, 8PSK, CR=3/4





Video Format





About China International Communication Co. Ltd.

China International Communications Co., Ltd (CICC) is a sub company wholly owned and operated by China International Television Corporation (CITVC) of China Central Television (CCTV). The major business of CICC is to integrate the Great Wall TV Package (GWTV) with qualified TV channels from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and some other overseas regions, and distribute it to different parts of the world, providing the overseas Chinese and main stream audience worldwide with high quality content. CICC distributes GWTV to its target areas with the most advanced transmission technologies including digital satellite and fiber optical transportation services. With different local service providers from the satellite direct-to-home (DTH), cable network as well as IPTV operators, GWTV has been providing its service to the global potential audience and making efforts to maximize the number of its subscribers. This fulfills its target to enlarge and enhance its penetration into the world media market. CICC’s other business includes the overseas distribution of CCTV’s international channels, and render services to foreign TV crew who intend to make programs of China.

About APT Satellite

Based in Hong Kong, APT SATELLITE COMPANY LIMITED (“APT Satellite”) is a satellite company operating a fleet of five satellites, namely APSTAR-5, APSTAR-6, APSTAR-7, APSTAR-7B and APSTAR-9. APSTAR-5C and APSTAR-6C are currently under construction, they will replace APSTAR-5 and APSTAR-6 respectively in 2018. The footprints of the fleet cover Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and most part of Europe and Africa, extending services to over 75% of the world’s population. Currently distributing 600+ TV channels around the world including HBO, Disney, Sony Pictures, NBCU, RTL-CBS, EBU, GMA, TVBI, TVn, Celestial Tiger etc, APT Satellite is also supplying transponder capacity to a variety of DTH platforms, as well as to media networks for video contributions across the world.


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