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Aptilo Speeds Up Customer Charging for 3 Scandinavia

by david.nunes

Aptilo Networks Makes Customer Charging More Effective for 3 Scandinavia


STOCKHOLM – May 15, 2013 – 3 Scandinavia has turned to Aptilo Networks, a leading provider of solutions to manage mobile data services for wireless networks, to streamline their charging process. 3 Scandinavia has selected Aptilo’s advanced Charging Module available in the Aptilo Policy & Charging Server™ which has been deployed at 3 Scandinavia since September 2012. The Aptilo Charging Module speeds up the charging process for the 3G/4G service and creates new opportunities for revenue generation.

The Aptilo Charging Module allows 3 Scandinavia to minimize the number of Call Detail Records (CDRs) which are necessary to handle for billing each user session. The Aptilo Charging Module aggregates CDRs that are generated between the policy enforcement nodes and 3 Scandinavia’s mediation system. The aggregated CDRs are generated at a rate based on the configured policy and the status of each session, e.g. roaming or non-roaming. The policy that controls the CDR generation rate can be based on any parameter that is available, e.g. data from the policy enforcement nodes, customer profile, network session, traffic session and/or user session.

In addition, the Aptilo Policy & Charging Server features CDR re-generation capabilities if CDR events are lost, minimizing revenue leakage for the provided service.

The tight integration between the policy and charging functions makes real-time charging more effective with higher granularity and quicker policy decisions for all services.

In the case of 3 Scandinavia, the Aptilo Charging Module handles a temporary quota received from the external online charging system and thereby alleviates the need for the costly high-frequency interaction between the policy enforcement nodes and the online charging system. The Aptilo Charging Module can also be configured to act as an online charging system with locally provisioned quota.

“During our five years of cooperation, Aptilo has shown that their innovative solutions and mindset adapt to the operator instead of the other way around,” said Jörgen Askeroth, CTO, 3 Scandinavia. “The Aptilo Policy & Charging Server simplifies our customer charging process, and gives us the flexibility to rapidly respond to any future customer demands.”

For more information about Aptilo’s 3GPP Policy & Charging solution:


About Aptilo Networks

Aptilo Networks is a leading provider of systems to manage mobile data services for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G/LTE networks, including mobile data offloading. Aptilo’s carrier-class solutions boast pre-integrated authentication, policy control and charging functions to maximize functionality and fast-track deployments while minimizing impact on existing systems. Aptilo’s solutions are currently in operation in more than 60 countries. For more information, please visit www.aptilo.com


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