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ARNE IVR expands VAS platform success for Telesoft Technologies

by david.nunes

Blandford, UK – 29 September, 2010 – Telesoft Technologies, a global provider of media and signal processing products, announced today that it had won another order to supply the ARNE IVR to a value added services (VAS) provider in India. The simple but feature rich architecture of the ARNE IVR allows VoiceXML/CCXML compliant applications to be seamlessly ported to the media platform and ensures rapid deployment in the field.


The ARNE IVR provides a cost effective VAS platform on which operators and system integrators can build innovative new applications, creating additional revenue streams. The ARNE IVR inherently supports multi-tenanting, allowing service providers to host multiple applications from multiple providers on the same system. Consolidation reduces carbon footprint and expenditure while simplifying support.

“The VoiceXML/CCXML compliant interpreter and proven telecom interfaces allow developers to port voice and video applications into the ARNE IVR and deploy them into fixed, cellular and next-generation networks in a matter of hours,” said Steve Patton, Product Manager, Telesoft Technologies.

A powerful, yet competitively priced VAS platform, the ARNE IVR features up to 2000 simultaneous media channels in a compact rack mounted chassis. It has built-in SS7/ISUP signaling protocol software for call control, an MRCP interface for text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) and built-in in video streaming capability. A straightforward configuration system ensures simple ‘plug and play’ setup in the field.

About Telesoft Technologies:

For more than 20 years the world’s leading Operators, SIs, OEMs and application developers have relied on our signaling, media and monitoring platforms. They continue to depend on our technology to deliver revenue and non-revenue generating solutions for mobile and converged networks in areas such as media services, fraud, billing, roaming, monitoring and location.

As networks evolve our experience in real-world deployments coupled with our engineering prowess and financial stability ensures we are the partner you can rely on. More information is available at www.telesoft-technologies.com.

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