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ARRIS Introduces VIPr 6000 Platform –Adds 3x Improvement in Channel Processing Capacity Plus Enhanced Element Manager Features

by david.nunes

ARRIS Introduces VIPr 6000 Platform –Adds 3x Improvement in Channel Processing Capacity Plus Enhanced Element Manager Features


Enhanced Platform Offers Significantly Greater Power and Rack Space Efficiencies


Suwanee, GA – November 14, 2011:  ARRIS Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARRS) today announced the availability of the VIPr 6000, the next generation in its VIPr transcoding platform.   Through recent advancements in silicon, the VIPr 6000 delivers a three-fold improvement in channel processing capacity — delivering three times the number of HD/SD channels per encoder chassis — at the highest quality, state-of-the industry video compression levels.  This new capability dramatically reduces per stream powering needs, and rack space used in the head end – both critical considerations for service providers looking to reduce operational expenses. 


Cable service providers currently use the VIPr platform to transcode channels from MPEG2 to H.264, from H.264 to MPEG2 and to compress four high definition MPEG2 video channels onto one QAM channel.  While retaining all the VIPr’s high quality algorithms, the VIPr 6000’s increased density allows for significant improvements in HD channel compression, without sacrificing video quality.  The VIPr 6000 platform offers integrated transcoding, multiplexing, ad-splicing operations and is capable of processing up to 24 QAMs of video per rack unit in high density configuration.   Other 6000 platform enhancements include a redundant power supply, and added asynchronous serial interface (ASI) options.

In addition to announcing the new 6000 platform, ARRIS also introduces the VIPr Element Manager 1.1 release, which monitors and controls all VIPr 2000, 4000 and 6000 platforms.  The VIPr Element Manager 1.1 brings two new data-logging features for service providers using the VIPr’s EBIF-based advanced advertising and audio level normalization (ALN) features.  The first allows operators to monitor successful ad-splices, by delivering the performance parameters that prove an ad ran as scheduled, and which determine payment; the second generates reports that record real time variation in input audio levels and what, if any, adjustments were made to conform to recommended audio levels.


“We continue to leverage improvements in silicon processing power to enhance the transcoding and ad splicing functionalities of the VIPr platform to better serve our customers’ needs,” noted Bill Hogan, ARRIS VP, Digital Video Solutions Product Line Management.  “The new VIPr platform provides significantly improved processing scalability, video quality performance, and platform reliability.”



ARRIS is a global communications technology company specializing in the design, engineering and supply of technology that supports broadband services for residential and business customers around the world. The company supplies broadband operators with the tools and platforms they need to deliver carrier-grade telephony, network video processing, whole home video, demand driven video, next-generation advertising, network and workforce management solutions, access and transport architectures and ultra high-speed data services. Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, USA, ARRIS has R&D centers in Suwanee; Beaverton, OR; Chicago, IL; Kirkland, WA; State College, PA; Wallingford, CT; Waltham, MA; Cork, Ireland; and Shenzhen, China, and operates support and sales offices throughout the world. Information about ARRIS products and services can be found at www.arrisi.com.





Alex Swan

ARRIS Media Relations




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