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ASC Implements WFO Solution for Sparda TelefonService, Germany

by david.nunes

ASC Implements WFO Solution for Sparda TelefonService, Germany


Hoesbach/Germany, February 23, 2012 – ASC (www.asctelecom.com), a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications, today announced the successful implementation of a workforce optimization solution for Sparda TelefonService GmbH & Co. (STSG), a call center handling inbound and outbound telemarketing, email and fax communications as well as agent training and coaching.


Founded in 1997 to service seven of 17 Sparda banks, STSG first used quality monitoring in 2005 to maintain its reputation of excellence in customer service. The decision to upgrade the solution with ASC’s more comprehensive solution was based on a need to include legally required communications recording for securities trading as well as extensive reporting, easy handling and administration, and complex routing of customer interactions.


Guenther Mueller, Chairman and CEO of ASC, said, “The need to comply with government regulations requires a fail-safe solution for bulk recording while quality management to improve agent performance involves a more selective approach. ASC offers an integrated system to handle both in a sophisticated yet standard solution capable of integration with any major infrastructure.”


The versatility of ASC’s solution will be described at a presentation at the upcoming CallCenterWorld 2012 conference in Berlin on February 28 to March 1, 2012. Bernd Engel, Director Business Development of ASC and Niclas Bychowski, CEO of STSG, will talk about the implementation of ASC’s solution and its powerful capabilities.


ASC’s workforce optimization (WFO) portfolio ensures a cost-effective customer-centric organization. It includes communications recording, quality management, speech analytics, eCoaching and workforce management. ASC’s software solution, INSPIRATIONpro, plays a central role by helping contact center managers learn about their agents’ service level through analysis of recorded call data and screen activities. Speech analytics helps large contact centers with an otherwise unmanageable volume of communications.


About ASC
ASC is a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications. ASC’s solutions reveal information, enabling companies and organizations to considerably improve their value creation: contact centers enhance customer service, efficiently deploy staff and increase productivity. Financial institutions fulfill documentation requirements, achieve a higher level of legal security and reduce costs. First responders and public safety organizations enhance reactivity in emergency situations.


ASC´s software solutions are used in contact centers to continuously measure and improve the quality of customer contacts. Data from all communication levels in contact centers are collected, brought together and evaluated to help train agents and optimize customer service. Based on the content of recorded calls and screen activities, INSPIRATIONpro reveals improvement potentials in contact center operations including processes, marketing, sales activities, time of reaction and problem analysis.


ASC subsidiaries and sales offices in France, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, UA Emirates, UK and USA as well as certified, powerful distribution partners realize ambitious customer projects all over the world. An export quota of more than 50 percent, together with its worldwide service network, makes ASC a powerful global player.


For more information, contact:
ASC telecom AG • Seibelstrasse 2 – 4 •  63768 Hoesbach • Germany
Contact:   Katrin Henkel, Manager PR & Communications
Phone: +49 6021 5001-264
Fax: +49 6021 5001-310
E-mail: k.henkel@asc.de
Internet: www.asctelecom.com


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