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ASC’s Workforce Optimization Solution, neo, Shatters 2,000 Channel Level for Concurrent Recording

by david.nunes

ASC’s Workforce Optimization Solution, neo, Shatters 2,000 Channel Level for Concurrent Recording 

Technological Breakthrough Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Contact Centers, Public Safety Organizations and Financial Institutions

Hoesbach/Germany, September 24, 2014 – ASC (www.asctelecom.com), a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate communications, today announced a technological breakthrough allowing simultaneous recording of 2,000 channels per server for neo, its workforce optimization (WFO) suite.

This achievement provides customers with a significant reduction of TCO. Users can now streamline initial outlays and installation costs; save on maintenance, energy and space; and achieve greater flexibility and scalability for future growth. Administration is also facilitated since fewer systems require updating or grading.

Marco Mueller, COO of ASC, said, “This tremendous channel capacity gives neo a competitive edge and represents a technological breakthrough. The benefits provide real added value, especially for our large customers, and strengthen the enterprise-wide impact of our solution.”

Dr. Frank Schaffrath, CEO of ASC, continued by noting neo actually records 2,000 channels per server while it can administer a virtually unlimited number of phones. The WFO solution encompasses speech analytics, workforce management, eLearning, customer feedback and quality management.

Fail-safe operational features provide the reliability needed by public safety organizations, and the compliance and verification of transactions mandated for financial institutions. Agents are freed to focus solely on the customer as the stable technology remains in the background.

By evaluation, systematic analysis and visualization, neo converts unstructured information into valuable and relevant business data in real-time for the entire enterprise to facilitate proactive decision making. A video about the neo WFO suite is available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmFte_U7pJU.

About ASC
ASC is a worldwide leading software company with innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate communications. All multimedia interactions in contact centers, financial institutions and public safety organizations are documented and analyzed. The content of communications becomes transparent, critical information is generated and market trends are revealed, providing real-time business intelligence for immediate management action.

ASC solutions make customer experience measurable. Specific actions can be taken to significantly improve customer retention, increasing corporate revenue and creating sustained loyal customers. Thus, ASC’s clients are always one step ahead of the competition.


ASC also offers its entire suite as a Cloud solution. Therefore, customers have the choice to retrieve Software as a Service, on demand and always up-to-date, without any risk or pre-investment, and in the most flexible manner.


With subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Singapore and Dubai, as well as certified and vastly experienced distribution partners, ASC’s ambitious projects span more than 60 countries. Headquartered in Germany, ASC is a powerful global player with an export quota of almost 70 percent and a worldwide service network.


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