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Theme: Ransomware attacks: How to prevent?

Description: After your home gets broken into, it might be obvious if the intruder came in through a broken window or smashed down the back door. Shattered glass and forced entry are observations that lead you to the conclusion of a home burglary. In the cyber world, these signals might not be as evident. How did my files get locked in a ransomware attack? Ransomware attacks can happen to a business when they fail to follow common cyber security frameworks such as: • Choosing strong passwords • Enforcing access management controls • Security awareness training for employees • Using EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) or antivirus software • Updating operating systems and hardware Cyber criminals use several methods to access your network (attack vectors) by exploiting vulnerabilities on your network. An effective way to prevent a ransomware attack is for your business to understand these attack vectors, and be proactive with stronger cyber security. Overall, ransomware is stealing headlines. And there is a reason to all the hype. The malware attack that takes over computer networks is a growing problem for organizations of all sizes. And “bad guys” are turning ransomware into big business. The FBI estimates the attacks to be a US$1 billion industry as of 2016. So what can organizations do to protect themselves?

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