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Asia Pacific Telecom to Launch 4G Services

by david.nunes

Asia Pacific Telecom to Launch 4G Services in Taiwan

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Taiwan’s Asia Pacific Telecom Co wants to increase its 4G subscriber base to 3 million. The telecom company is the country’s fifth operator to launch 4G services.

Asia Pacific Telecom is offering its customers unlimited data plans. Its services begin at TW$898 ($28.70) per month for uncapped data usage, Telecom Asia reported.

Other telecom operators in the 4G space in Taiwan include Chunghwa Telecom., Taiwan Mobile, Far Eastone and Taiwan Star Cellular. Asia Pacific Telecom will officially introduce the services on December, 24.

“As a latecomer to the market, we are focusing on providing high-quality service that lets our customers enjoy high connectivity speed and solid coverage,” Lu Fang-ming told reporters, according to Taipei Times.

According to Lu, the total number of 4G users in Taiwan will reach 3 million by the end of 2014. Around 29 million people use mobile services in the country. Asia Pacific Telecom services 1.86 million 3G users.

Chief marketing officer of the company, Jessica Hsu, said that Asia Pacific Telecom 15 megahertz (MHz) bandwidth in the 700MHz spectrum for its 4G network, according to Taipei Times.

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