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AsiaInfo launches powerful Real-Time Intelligence customer engagement engine

by david.nunes

AsiaInfo launches powerful Real-Time Intelligence customer engagement engine

Operators can now deliver timely, targeted campaigns to enrich their customers’ experience Veris RTI builds on existing systems to deliver the market’s most effective operator engagement and interaction engine

Beijing/Cambridge/Nice, 1st June 2015AsiaInfo, China’s largest telecoms software and services company, is launching Veris Real-Time Intelligence (RTI), a powerful new real-time customer engagement and interaction engine for its award-winning Veris™ BSS product suite.

Veris RTI provides operators the capability to offer relevant promotions and customer support in real-time in direct response to the individual context of each customer based on a wide variety of factors.

Veris RTI aggregates and enriches real-time contextual information streamed from both network and BSS event sources to effect customer engagement through a variety of channels.

The RTI engine orchestrates an appropriate and immediate response to customer needs identified by interpreting information from multiple sources including billing, CRM systems, and the data network. It expands the existing capabilities of the Veris C³ contextual-awareness center, which enables operators to run real-time targeted campaigns based on the services customers are using on their smartphones. Veris RTI adds complex event processing to orchestrate an appropriate real-time response to a sequence of events from multiple sources.

For example, a low data balance (identified by the charging platform) occurring when the customer is watching a video (identified by Veris C3), could trigger an offer to the customer to purchase a day pass for the video app they are using.

The RTI engine combines Veris C3 with a new Customer Engagement Centre (CEC) which assimilates multiple data feeds to identify each customer’s context – such as the status of their billing account, current orders, recent contact with the operator’s call center or other channels, and also any activity on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“Veris RTI gives operators a fully rounded view of each customer’s context in real-time, enabling the operator to respond with the right help for each individual customer at exactly the right time and through the right channel,” explained Dr Andy Tiller, AsiaInfo’s vice president of product marketing.

“Drawing on multiple data feeds, RTI is able to handle complex logic to ensure the best customer experience. For example, it might make sense to offer some customers an incentive to top up with a larger amount than usual if they are running low on their data balance while consuming data intensive services such as video; while other customers should be offered a day pass, and still others a turbo boost for higher data speeds. The relevant offer would depend not only on the customer’s static profile, but also on their dynamic real-time context.”

The speed of response capable of being delivered by the RTI engine is key to its success. “It has to be true real-time,” said Tiller. “If you are making an offer to a customer regarding a service top-up, it is vital that offer is delivered before the customer tops up anyway.

“Veris RTI is able to deliver that targeted help and support, as well as enabling marketing campaigns and offers, in true real-time, with the capability to adjust any offers if the customer’s real-time context changes. We believe that this is the most powerful customer engagement and interaction solution that has ever been offered to the operator community.”

AsiaInfo will be giving demonstrations of Veris RTI on its booth at the TMForum Live in Nice. AsiaInfo’s booth is number 75 on Level 3 of the Conference Centre.

For further information about Veris RTI please visit https://www.asiainfo.com/ProductsSolutions/VerisRTI/Introduction.aspx

About AsiaInfo:
AsiaInfo, Inc. is a leading provider of internet-based systems and software to the telecommunications industry. Headquartered in Beijing, we employ more than 15,000 professionals worldwide.

AsiaInfo provides a full suite of business and operations support systems and professional services to solve the business challenges of the future. Through our innovative BSS/OSS, Big Data, and security software products, AsiaInfo is driving the transformation of the telecoms industry into the new Business Internet era.

Our core Veris™ product suite includes billing and customer care systems that serve nearly a billion subscribers globally, plus business intelligence, network management, network security, and OTT and cross-vertical collaboration solutions. Veris is the cornerstone of our growing ecosystem to support the transformation to the Business Internet.

Our customers work with us to converge large-scale pre-and post-paid mobile operations; improve time to market for new products and services; and develop cost-effective new business models. In China we have more than 50% market share in Billing, CRM and Business Intelligence through our longstanding partnerships with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. We have deployed our BSS solutions with leading operators throughout Asia, and our expansion into Europe has already resulted in two major contracts with Telenor Group. For more information please visit http://www.asiainfo.com

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