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AssetHouse sells licence to TV 2.0 provider

by david.nunes
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AssetHouse sells licence to TV 2.0 provider

~ First merchandising solution license sale under Amino ownership ~ Cambridge, UK– September 29th, 2008 – Amino Communications, the world leading IPTV Set Top-Box (STB) platform supplier, is pleased to announce that AssetHouse has licensed its “AssetFactory” content merchandising engine to Sezmi, the California-based developer of the first complete TV 2.0 service. Today’s announcement is the first license win for AssetHouse since it was acquired by Amino in June 2008. Sezmi is AssetHouse’s first customer in the US and Amino’s first major TV 2.0 customer. Today’s agreement also marks a further step forward for Amino in its Group strategy to use its global brand position and local support network to roll out software and systems that enable IPTV providers to better target, more efficiently deliver and more effectively monetise their entertainment content. The AssetHouse “AssetFactory” content merchandising engine will play a key role in supporting the roll-out of Sezmi’s pioneering new TV 2.0 service. TV 2.0 promises a radical change to the way TV is viewed today, with Sezmi offering a next-generation television experience set to include features such as on-demand programming, OTT services, personalisation and internet video. “AssetFactory” will enable Sezmi to craft, target and deliver a wealth of different content offerings to each of its customers based on their viewing behaviour and preferences. Sezmi will utilise AssetHouse’s AssetFactory content merchandising engine to create a wealth of different content offerings for each customer based on their behaviour and preferences, while including targeted, interactive and measurable advertising. Confirming Sezmi’s selection of Amino AssetHouse, Carl Segal, Sezmi Vice President of Content Operations commented: “AssetFactory helps us turn our extensive library of video and television content into highly targeted and personalised content recommendations for each Sezmi customer in a cost effective manner.” Welcoming the announcement Andrew Burke, Amino Chief Executive Officer commented: “This win ticks a key strategic box for us, demonstrating good progress in our commitment to secure new customers for our exciting AssetHouse technology. We are delighted to be supporting a real ‘challenger brand’ like Sezmi in rolling out its innovative solution. This is a prime example of where AssetHouse technology not only adds real value to the IPTV model but also offers service providers a real chance to turn the whole model on its head. We look forward to many more examples of this in the future as we push forward with our plan to offer service providers right across the globe an opportunity to combine targeted content and tailored offers in a new kind of viewing experience.” About Amino Communications: Amino is the specialist in products and technology for IPTV, Internet TV and in-home multimedia distribution. Amino products provide telecom, broadcast and hospitality firms with a ‘front door’ to IPTV: a range of software and set-top box systems that can be tailored to offer highly scalable and targeted systems. The award-winning AmiNET™ range is used by leading service operators in over 80 countries. Amino’s ‘AssetHouse’ technology takes IPTV to the next level, allowing clients such as BT Vision to think like retailers and package, personalise and refresh extra revenue-generating services to viewers. This opens the door for content producers, telecoms companies, broadcasters and web TV firms to maximise opportunities through better services, targeted content and greater choice. Amino Communications and AssetHouse are wholly owned subsidiaries of Amino Technologies PLC. Listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM, symbol AMO. Amino’s HQ is based near Cambridge, UK, with offices worldwide. www.aminocom.com www.assethouse.com About Sezmi Sezmi Corporation has developed the first complete TV 2.0 offering by combining traditional TV content, movies and internet video in a single easy-to-use product. Designed from the ground up with next generation TV functionality, Sezmi puts consumers in total control with a personalised on-demand viewing experience. Sezmi is working with partners from broadcast, broadband, content and advertising industries to create new TV choice for consumers. Sezmi will be offered to consumers through broadband service providers and national retailers. For more information, visit www.sezmi.com

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