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Astellia Helps Videotron Automate Its Wireless Network Optimization

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Rennes, France  6th July 2011, Astellia, a leading provider of monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS and performance has strengthened its collaboration with Videotron, a major operator in Canada to stimulate Wireless Network Quality of Experience. Under the agreement, Videotron will take full advantage of Astellia’s expert system for automatic diagnosis and optimization. The rule-based solution automatically detects low quality cells, analyses QoS issues’ root causes and thereby improves both service quality and optimization task efficiency.  

Videotron, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc, is a Canadian leader in cable television, interactive multimedia development, Internet access, cable telephone and wireless telephone services. Having launched a new Wireless Network based on the latest technology in September 2010, Videotron’s unique quadruple play offer delivers the largest and most varied selection of multimedia content. With smart phone sales on the rise and the gradual arrival of tablets on the market, the highest quality of experience is extremely important to maintain a competitive position.

Since the launch of their Wireless Network service in 2010 Videotron has been using Astellia’s monitoring solution to ensure constant network optimization and measurement of QoS. The solution, deployed on Videotron’s access network converges both OMC counters and data coming from Astellia probes. The system, providing both system and subscriber-centric KPIs, is used daily by Videotron’s engineers for QoS trend analysis, reporting and investigations.

“In 2009, when we initiated discussions, Videotron was looking for an innovative solution to efficiently monitor and optimize their radio access network and provide the best services from day one. We quickly demonstrated the added-value in the convergence of OMC counters and probe-based KPIs, and Astellia’s “Xpert” application for automatic diagnosis”, said Frederic Gonzales, Sales Director Americas at Astellia.

The Astellia “Xpert” system allows engineers to visualize those cells experiencing quality degradation and provides an initial diagnosis of problems based on both present and customizable rules.

Marie-Josée Méthot, RAN Design & Optimization Manager at Videotron commented: “Using Astellia’s Xpert application, our optimization engineers can automatically focus their attention on critical cells. They are equipped with key information to pinpoint the origin of the problem and prioritize operations in the field. Our engineers are now using and sharing the same optimization and investigation rules and have the ability to create new ones”.

Frederic Gonzales concluded: “The solution has been fully adopted by Videotron’s optimization team. We are very pleased to see the positive results of our partnership.  We wish to further strengthen this fruitful collaboration between two cutting-edge companies.”


About Astellia www.astellia.com


Astellia is a leading expert in monitoring and optimization solutions for the Quality of Service (QoS) and performance of mobile networks. The company develops, manufactures and sells its solutions to 180 operators and equipment manufacturers in more than 80 countries.

Headquartered in France, Astellia has offices in Paris, New York, Singapore, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Saint Petersburg, Johannesburg and Mumbai.

Astellia solutions integrate its long experience and knowledge of operators’ needs to cover

2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G technologies from radio access to core network. They help to increase client income through fast access to relevant indicators, with a view to improving Quality of Service and ensuring subscribers’ loyalty.

The company also provides network audit services, training, technical assistance, etc.


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