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Astellia launches Nova Care to improve customer services’ efficiency

by david.nunes

Astellia launches Nova Care to improve customer services’ efficiency

Nova Care provides mobile operators customer service teams with the means to improve customer complaint analysis & handling and hereby helps to improve customer retention and loyalty.

Rennes, France, October 8th 2013 – Astellia, leading provider of customer and network intelligence for mobile operators, today announced that it expands its Nova solution by introducing Nova Care designed to provide customer service teams with real-time and easily understandable information to better handle customer complaints.

In one single screen, customer service agents can measure subscriber satisfaction and QoE of each individual across all network technologies from 2G to 4G. Nova Care provides them with a detailed overview of the subscriber activity (voice calls, messages, data sessions) and helps them identify issues encountered by the subscriber as well as the cause of the problem. For instance, a subscriber is complaining that he can no longer receive SMS messages. Thanks to Nova Care, the agent is able to tell the customer that the problem is coming from his handset, i.e. handset memory is full and provide the instructions to solve the issue.

Customer service agents are under increasing pressure to increase first call resolution (FCR) and to lower significantly the number of trouble tickets sent to level 2 teams,” notes Frederic VERGINE, President Products at Astellia. “Nova Care provides not only the means to engage with customers and to show awareness and understanding of their experienced problems but also to diagnose if the subscriber is the only one impacted or if it is global to the cell. This is key information in helping operators organize resources and in prioritizing optimization activities based on the number of impacted subscribers.” he explains.

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About Astellia – www.astellia.com

Astellia is a leading provider of customer and network intellaigence enabling mobile operators to drive business performance. Astellia’s vendor-independent real-time monitoring solution covers end-to-end 2G, 3G and 4G networks from radio access to the core. Astellia’s scalable products and expert services address the needs of operators’ full value chain. Astellia has close partnership with more than 200 telecom operators globally. Headquartered in France, Astellia has worldwide presence with offices in New York, Reston, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Saint Petersburg, Pretoria, Beirut, Singapore and New Delhi.

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