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Astellia Speeds up Tunisiana’s Data Services

by david.nunes

 Astellia speeds up tunisiana’s data services


Rennes, France – 5th May 2011 – Astellia, leading provider of monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS and performance was recently selected by Tunisiana, the first mobile operator in Tunisia to help them optimize their data network through an end-to-end data service and QoE (Quality of Experience) audit. This resulted in providing faster access to multimedia content, particularly for subscribers on the move, increasing equipment efficiency and guaranteeing reliable email and internet service delivery.


With 5.7 million subscribers and more than half of the market share, Tunisiana has been focused on the optimization and monitoring of their networks for several years using Astellia’s probe-based solution.


To deal with the recent explosion in popularity of internet-related services, the operator has reinforced its data service offer with the release of new smartphones and electronic tablets as well as promotional offers such as ‘WapUp’. In order to deliver optimum quality for these services, Tunisiana selected the services of Astellia’s experts.


The end-to-end data service and QoE audit involved placing Astellia’s probes on strategic points of Tunisiana’s network both on the access and the core parts. The analysis was performed in 3 stages.


-The first step consisted in getting a comprehensive assessment of network performance and service quality as perceived by subscribers.


-These metrics were then benchmarked versus regional reference KPIs enabling Tunisiana to position themselves against competitors in terms of network and service performance.


-Finally, the implementation of Astellia’s recommendations enabled Tunisiana to improve customer experience. Amongst others, access time to data services was reduced by more than 30% by identifying delays due to packet loss at GGSN level. The push-mail application efficiency was improved by reconfiguring core network equipment and seamless service continuity was ensured for subscribers moving from cell to cell. 


“Tunisiana has been using our solution for mobile network optimization and troubleshooting for more than 10 years. This in-depth audit calling for Astellia’s expertise in data service and QoE represents another step accompanying them in the evolution towards the latest mobile network technology”, commented Jean-Philippe Larvol, Sales Director Africa for Astellia.


“This end-to-end audit was of great value to Tunisiana. It provided us with a unique vision of data network and service performance from an end-user perspective. Astellia’s experts’ recommendations enabled us to precisely localize problem areas and improve customer experience. This is particularly important in the current competitive environment where Tunisiana is launching innovative data services,” said Hatem Mestiri, CTO at Tunisiana.



About Astellia – www.astellia.com

Astellia is a leading expert in monitoring and optimization solutions for the Quality of Service (QoS) and performance of mobile networks. The company develops, manufactures and sells its solutions to 180 operators and equipment manufacturers in more than 80 countries.

Headquartered in France, Astellia has offices in Paris, New York, Singapore, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Mumbai.

Astellia solutions integrate its long experience and knowledge of operators’ needs to cover 2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G… technologies from radio access to core network. They help to increase client income through fast access to relevant indicators, with a view to improving Quality of Service and ensuring subscribers’ loyalty.

The company also provides network audit services, training, technical assistance, etc.



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