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Astellia strengthens its partnership with ImaginLab to optimize their high-speed 4G platform

by david.nunes



Brest, France, October 4th 2011 – Astellia, a leading provider of monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS, is proud to be actively involved in the LTE network performance testing of “ImaginLab”. Created by the “Images and Reseaux” Cluster, ImaginLab is the first open 4G test platform in France providing 100Mb high-speed connectivity. It is used to evaluate technical innovations as well as user acceptance.


Through this partnership, Astellia provides both its 4G monitoring solution and expertise in mobile broadband services to help ImaginLab engineers measure the platform performance through Quality of Service and Quality of Experience statistics and detailed troubleshooting capabilities.


“The Astellia LTE solution is of great help not only in measuring our LTE network performance in terms of data speed, throughput and latency, but more importantly, in evaluating data service quality from a user point view. It is also particularly useful in troubleshooting typical issues such as limited radio conditions, service accessibility and retainability,” comments Michel Corriou, Business Development Manager at ImaginLab.


The Astellia 4G solution, already used by several LTE operators and equipment vendors, will be showcased at the launch of the ImaginLab platform.


“4G is a pure data technology where highly interactive applications such as mobile gaming and HD video are particularly time and bandwidth-sensitive and depend on multiple network performance metrics. In this, the Astellia solution will help operators and content service providers get a better understanding of network performance, application usage and customer experience”, said Thierry Jacq, Astellia’s LTE product manager.


About Astellia : www.astellia.com


Astellia is a leading expert in monitoring and optimization solutions for the Quality of Service (QoS) and performance of mobile networks. The company develops, manufactures and sells its solutions to 180 operators and equipment manufacturers in more than 80 countries. Headquartered in France, Astellia has offices in Paris, New York, Singapore, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Saint Petersburg, Johannesburg and Mumbai.

Astellia solutions integrate its long experience and knowledge of operators’ needs to cover 2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G technologies from radio access to core network. They help to increase client income through fast access to relevant indicators, with a view to improving Quality of Service and ensuring subscribers’ loyalty.

The company also provides network audit services, training, technical assistance, etc.



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