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AT4 wireless expands scope of Wi-Fi Alliance® Authorized Test Lab services

by david.nunes

AT4 wireless expands scope of Wi-Fi Alliance®

Authorized Test Lab services

Qualification expands certification testing portfolio for Wi-Fi® technology

Málaga, Spain – May, 20th – AT4 wireless is proud to announce that it has been authorized by Wi-Fi Alliance® to perform certification testing for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Voice Personal, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Tunneled Direct Link Setup (TDLS) and WPA2 Protected Management Frames (PMF) programs.

Wi-Fi Alliance developed the Voice-Personal certification program to verify that access points, often referred to as wireless routers, and client devices like handsets and laptops deliver good voice quality over a Wi-Fi network. The program extends beyond interoperability testing to test the performance of specific products. Products that achieve Voice-Personal certification have met strict performance levels and are capable of providing consistent, good-quality voice calls.

The TDLS certification program was initiated because of growing market demand for Wi-Fi networks to support devices that employ voice, video, and multimedia applications. TDLS certified devices automatically create a direct link between them, helping to optimize the home network and provide an improved user experience with respect to speed of connection and overall bandwidth efficiency.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA2 with Protected Management Frames provides a WPA2-level of protection for unicast and multicast management action frames. Unicast management actions frames are protected from both eavesdropping and forging, and multicast management action frames are protected from forging. WPA2 with Protected Management Frames augments WPA2 privacy protections already in place for data frames with mechanisms to improve the resiliency of mission-critical networks.

“We are proud to increase our scope of testing services by being named a Wi-Fi Alliance Authorized Test Laboratory, said Noemí Pérez, Wireless Laboratory Manager of AT4 wireless. “This achievement expands AT4 wireless’ existing certification testing portfolio for Wi-Fi® technology and enables us to offer a one-stop certification center for Wi-Fi manufacturers.”

Wi-Fi manufacturers that would like to implement these features in their products can request to perform Wi-Fi CERTIFIED testing at AT4 wireless’ facility in Spain.

About AT4 wireless

AT4 wireless is a leading network of testing laboratories offering world-class services for carrier device acceptance, performance, conformance, regulatory, field, functional, and interoperability testing as well as worldwide compliance and type approval consulting in over 200 countries or territories.

AT4 wireless offers testing, consultancy, development and training services to a wide range of industries as telecommunications, automotive, health, consumer electronics and security around wireless and cellular technologies.

AT4 wireless offers one-stop testing and compliance services to the telecommunications industry, ensuring an efficient access to the global markets.

AT4 wireless was founded in 1991, has more than 240 employees worldwide and supports customers globally with headquarters in Malaga, Spain, and testing laboratories in the United States, Taiwan and Chile.

For more information, visit www.at4wireless.com.

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