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AT4 wireless introduces MIMO 4×2 capabilities in the E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set

by david.nunes

Malaga (Spain), 6th September. AT4 wireless announces the commercial availability of the LTE Rel-8 MIMO 4×2 option in its E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set. The introduction of this option in the E2010, together with the already existing VSA capabilities, embedded channel emulation and AWGN and the multi-cell, multi-RAT capabilities, makes it a unique solution in the wireless test equipment industry.

According to 3GPP specifications, MIMO 4×2 feature is mandatory to be supported by LTE Rel-8 compliant UEs. Early availability of this feature in AT4 wireless S3110B LTE Mobile Test Application enables LTE UEs manufacturers to validate their designs for compliance to this demanding feature. Additionally, the MIMO 4×2 feature also translates into immediate availability all 3GPP TS 36.521-1 chapter 8 MIMO 4×2 test cases, that will be required as part of the GCF and PTCRB certification schemes. This allows AT4 wireless customers to start pre-certification of their designs as of today, providing enough time to debug potential issues and avoiding roadblocks during actual device certification.

“This new feature, together with the early availability of December’09 compliant LTE protocol stack in our system simulator, allows AT4 wireless to provide its customers with the most advanced testing tools when it comes to LTE UE verification and certification”, said Juan P Hidalgo, LTE Product Manager at AT4 wireless. “This annoucement also reinforces AT4 wireless commitment to provide the most compact test solution in the LTE testing arena, leveraging AT4 wireless customers’ investments.”

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