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AT4 wireless launches TACS4 – its Regulatory and Approval Database Service

by david.nunes

 AT4 wireless launches TACS4 – its Regulatory and Approval Database Service

| April 15th , 2015 | Malaga, (Spain) 15th April, 2015. AT4 wireless today announces that it has just launched its TACS4 “Regulatory & Approval Database Service”

TACS4 “Regulatory & Approval Database Service” is an innovative service powered by an online database that includes detailed RF regulatory & approval requirements in almost 200 countries for a large number of cellular and wireless technologies such as GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Wi-Fi TM , Bluetooth ®, GPS, NFC and even applications such as Car Key Immobilizers, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, FM radios, Automotive Radars and others in the most demanded frequency bands at a global level.

Companies who have access to this service, will have the opportunity to better plan the launch of their RF products internationally, being able to understand in advance radio requirements in each country in order to legally launch a device or solution.

Users will have answers online, in real time with regards to some key questions as types of certificates, details of the certification process, labelling packaging, and any other marketing requirements. All these information will be updated on a regular basis.

TACS4 “Regulatory & Approval Database Service” is a new service which is a part of a larger platform TACS4 “Testing, Approvals & Certification System” that is unique to AT4 wireless.

The TACS4 know how database has been built by AT4 wireless’ highly qualified regulatory engineers and it is kept updated by them with help from a large network of global partners. All software development has been completed in-house by the AT4 wireless’ Technology Development Team.

“In country radio approvals are often challenging for many companies today, as regulations are quite different from country to country and involve changes over time as and when technologies evolve. A good number of new vertical markets as Automotive, Health, Consumer Electronics and others are now embedding cellular and wireless radios and need to have immediate access to accurate information to plan their product´s launch and approvals with confidence”.

TACS4 “Regulatory & Approval Database Service is the answer to these needs. TACS4 incorporates the experience and know how that AT4 wireless has accumulated and developed for more than 20 years in international type approval market” said Fernando E. Hardasmal, Deputy General Director, AT4 wireless, S.A.

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