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Atex announces new partnership with Dell

by david.nunes



Atex announces new partnership with Dell




Atex, a global software company providing solutions for media-rich industries, has announced a new partnership with Dell China, which will strengthen its presence in the Asian media marketplace and its offering to existing customers.




The Asian media industry, which is recognised globally as a major emerging market, will now benefit from two leading suppliers. Atex provides a complete suite of integrated solutions which are already widely adopted internationally and Dell offers a highly skilled team with a vertical knowledge-base.




Dell, one of the Fortune Global 500 Companies, has accumulated rich experiences and a well-established reputation in Asia. It employs 8,000 technical professionals across China mainland and its laptop and desktop computer won the region’s ‘Customer Satisfaction Awards’ earlier this year.




Meanwhile as one of the world’s leading solution and service provider, Dell now serves customers from major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, small and medium businesses, and individual consumers with comprehensive capabilities of end-to-end services on Application, Business Process, Consulting, Infrastructure and Support.






Mr Rorey Rogers, Chief Executive Officer for Atex Asia, comments: “The media industry in Asia is transforming dramatically and this is led by advanced new technology. Our partnership will help to enhance the services we offer to our joint customers and provide more solutions to prospective customers. I am confident that by teaming-up, we will accelerate our technology offering to another level of efficiency.”




Mr Kirk Williams, General Manager, Dell Services China, adds: “Atex’s integrated content management and advertising solutions enable 1000+ media customers to streamline operations and optimise their digital strategies. We are confident that our collaboration with Atex will bring unparalleled technologies and solutions to Asian media markets and boost media development in the region.”




Please visit www.atex.com for further information.



About Atex

Atex, headquartered in the UK with offices worldwide, is a leading software company providing solutions for media-rich industries. Atex develops smart digital solutions that make a measurable difference and enable its 1000+ customers to streamline operations and optimise their digital strategy. As a global organisation, it is committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalised, localised, collaborative, contextually relevant, and available on demand. See www.atex.com.






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