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ATIS Delivers Findings to Advance the All-IP Transition in Critical Infrastructure Communications Networks

by david.nunes

ATIS Delivers Findings to
Advance the All-IP Transition in
Critical Infrastructure Communications Networks

WASHINGTON, DC – ATIS today announced the findings of a recent study by its IP-Transition of Public Safety Related Applications Task Force (PSRA-TF), formed to address one of the public safety community’s most significant challenges: ensuring that existing public safety applications have a reliable migration path to IP-based infrastructure. Today, there are a broad range of critical public safety-related applications provisioned on legacy copper networks. These include alarm circuits to local fire and police departments, circuits to airport towers and alarms, circuits monitoring railroad crossings, as well as those for sensors at gas and power company locations. The ATIS findings offer insight into the solutions needed to advance the all-IP transition for these technologies.


After outreach to key public safety and other related associations, the PSRA-TF developed an RFI to identify the solutions now in use by various sectors and industries. Through the responses received, the Task Force found that significant deployment of next generation solutions is already underway in the area of public safety communications applications. The energy and utilities sector has some of the most stringent performance requirements; consequently, IP private line and wireless solutions must continue to evolve to ensure that the data and control needs of that sector are met. In the alarm systems sector, the Task Force found that fixed point-to-point and M2M solutions exist, and that migration to secure and reliable IP-based solutions should consider applicable building codes. Access all of the PSRA-TF’s findings in the full report here.


“Providing an overview of the critical migration issues in the North American evolution to the new all-IP network has potentially lifesaving implications. This work affects so many sectors,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “ATIS is proud to make this contribution and ensure that its findings reach the audiences affected. This work is part of ATIS’ comprehensive array of initiatives addressing the all-IP transition.”


Learn more about the findings of ATIS’ PSRA-TF in the webinar to be held on Wednesday, August 12, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. ET. Get more details on the webinar. Register today!

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