ATIS Provides Essential Tool for Understanding Telecommunications Base Station Power Metrics


WASHINGTON — ATIS today announced the release of a new ATIS American National Standard Energy Efficiency for Telecommunication Equipment: Methodology for Measurement and Reporting of Base Station Metrics (ATIS-0600015.09.2015).


Service providers are striving to optimize their network’s energy efficiency, in part by deploying more energy efficient base stations. To assist their efforts, service providers need a consistent methodology that they, along with vendors and third-party test laboratories, can use to determine base station input power and energy efficiency metrics. This new ATIS standard provides just that, offering an input power metric that is reported in Watts and is based on radio resource usage. Recognizing that no two base stations are used in the same way, it allows for other markets to create a customized and deployment-specific metric from the raw measurement data collected.


“This new ATIS standard is unique in its universality,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “It produces a single set of measurements to characterize base station input power that can be re-used by any jurisdiction within and outside of North America.  No other existing standard can be applied in this way — providing the essential groundwork for improved measuring of global telecommunications equipment energy efficiency.”


Building upon the new input power metric, work will soon begin to extend the standard to include base station performance. Through the combination of input power and performance measurement methods, a base station energy efficiency metric will be developed. Access Energy Efficiency for Telecommunication Equipment: Methodology for Measurement and Reporting of Base Station Metrics (ATIS-0600015.09.2015) through the ATIS Document Center, your leading resource for technical operations standards for the global ICT industry produced by ATIS Committees and Forums

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