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atrexx addresses burgeoning South American market with delivery of broadband services via satellite

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31 May 2011

atrexx addresses burgeoning South American market with delivery of broadband services via satellite

Company introduces new service platform with highly competitive rates for small enterprises

Remagen, Germany, 31 May 2011 – Leading satellite service provider, atrexx, has introduced a new service platform to its product portfolio specifically targeted at meeting demand for broadband services in the South America region.

“South America represents one of the world’s most significant emerging markets and atrexx has experienced increasing requests for satellite services from the region”, stated Markus Schäfer, Managing Director. “To meet this demand, we have introduced broadband services on the iDirect Evolution X3 platform that will help to meet this pent up demand, yet provide the service at a very reasonable cost, particularly to small businesses who may have previously found gaining access to Internet services cost prohibitive.”

South America, like other emerging regions of the world, is highly fragmented in terms of access to fast Internet services. Many parts of the continent are not covered by terrestrial connectivity due to the vast geographical nature of the region, and the dispersed population. Satellite technology offers the people the opportunity to become connected without the need for cable or fiber, which is often too expensive to rollout to more rural areas. The new services will enable small enterprises, including farms, to become connected to the global marketplace and to improve their businesses by using the Internet to become more competitive and to sell their goods across the rest of the continent – and the world.

The 2way2sat services, delivered in Ku-band on Telstar 12 satellite at 15 degrees west, require no deposit fee. The service includes access to fast Internet, always-on functionality and Voice-over-IP (VoIP). It operates on a 3-month recurring contract basis.

The iDirect Evolution X3 platform offers 30 percent more bandwidth efficiency in the outbound link plus Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) that is optimized and dynamically adjusted for each individual remote station. It also offers higher resistance to rain attenuation and an additional bandwidth gain of 50 percent at clear sky conditions, made possible through ACM.

“The 2way2sat service from atrexx will enable my small ISP company to promote the wide array of services that broadband can offer” said Rainer Putzar, a Uruguay-based atrexx partner. “This connectivity will enable us to literally turn our business around by giving us the opportunity to reach new customers and use cost-effective and highly reliable communications.”

*** An image showing the geographical coverage of the Telstar 12 satellite is available from


atrexx services are offered globally with focus on the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Expert professionals and consultants with long-term experience support clients in planning and realizing their sophisticated projects. atrexx current customers include commercial and industrial enterprises as well as governmental institutions and military bodies, in more than 35 countries. Providing a one-stop shop experience, atrexx supplies also sophisticated hardware for VSAT, mobile satellite broadband, WiMAX and broadcast services from the atrexx logistics centre located in Germany. atrexx has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 which has been certified by DQS and IQNet.

In addition, the atrexx market exchange provides a neutral and independent arena for buyers and sellers through a portal-style Internet platform at




Subscribers of the service can post offers of spare capacity and other resources, such as production equipment or up-link facilities, or request such resources.




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