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AudioCodes launches the Connected Home Gateway

by david.nunes

AudioCodes brings to market the Connected Home Solution

Home monitoring, control, security, multimedia functionality and high definition telephony in a single solution will provide Telcos and Service Providers with new services and revenue opportunities


November 3, 2011 – AudioCodes, a leading provider of converged Voice over IP (VoIP) and data networking products, today announced the introduction of the Connected Home Solution.  The Connected Home Solution incorporates home automation, networking, multimedia and high definition telephony into a single solution taking the broadband residential gateway beyond traditional triple play services.


“Global broadband take-up has reached saturation in most developed economies and the introduction of AudioCodes Connected Home Solution will excite many in the Telecom industry,” said Itzik Feiglevitch, marketing director, broadband solutions, AudioCodes.  “There is a need to create new value-added services and to improve the existing ones to help Telcos and Service Providers drive new revenue streams and to improve their levels of customer engagement.  The AudioCodes Connected Home Solution answers that need and in the process provides the industry with a one stop shop end-to-end solution.”


Based on the field-proven AudioCodes MP-252 Multimedia Home Gateway, the Connected Home Solution provides access and connectivity to a whole new range of services.  Home control and security services are provided through a management portal which can be accessed by a user via a smartphone, web browser or tablet.  The management of home devices is enabled through an integrated DECT or ZigBee add-on.  The converged mobile and fixed high definition telephony services, available through a bundle that includes the MP-252 Multimedia Home Gateway and the AudioCodes VoIP Mobile Access Solution (VMAS) client, provide high-quality cost-effective Mobile VoIP services.  Management back office services enable the remote administration of home devices, monitoring of the VoIP network and Quality of Experience (QoE) optimisations.  The self-support portal with integrated local troubleshooting tools helps end-users to identify and resolve problems and subscribe or configure services.


The MP-252 Multimedia Home Gateway is based on AudioCodes’ MP-2xx line of Residential Gateways and AudioCodes VoIPerfect software architecture enabling a high definition telephony experience with multimedia support.  The MP-252 is integrated with VDSL2/ADSL2+ modem, 3G access support, 802.11n wireless, LAN connectivity, DECT handsets supporting HD VoIP and Bluetooth interface for connecting cellular phones.


“Till now home control and security services have been confined to the luxury-end of the housing market.  The Connected Home Solution brings this capability to the mass market in a very affordable way.  Telcos and Service Providers can now offer their subscribers ways to monitor IP cameras around the home, alert them of a burglary or fire or access lighting and appliances to remotely control them from any Internet-connected PC or smartphone,” explained Feiglevitch.


“With home automation systems expected to hit 1.8 million worldwide this year rising to in excess of 12 million by 2016* the AudioCodes Connected Home Solution will help providers deliver the connected home of the future today,” continued Feiglevitch, “And the improved services, high-definition voice, QoE optimisations and maintenance and troubleshooting tools will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty – an imperative in today’s market.”



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