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Author: Anthony Weaver

Oxylabs reaffirms commitment to innovation, launching Next-Gen Residential Proxies platform

New platform will deploy machine learning technology into a residential proxy platform for the very first time Oxylabs, the proxy and data gathering service provider, is today launching its Brand-New Residential Proxies Platform, which will leverage the power of machine learning technology, allowing users to collect data, without the risk of detection. Oxylabs, has been at the forefront of data gathering and extraction for over five years. Driven by an ever-increasing demand to capture and leverage publicly available information, large scale eCommerce providers, as well as businesses working in the information economy, are readily deploying residential proxies to gather business intelligence, support price optimisation, as well as enhance lead generation, over competitors. Oxylabs’ new Next-Gen Residential Proxies platform, builds on the feature-rich capabilities of its existing Residential Proxy platform. It provides users with an unmatched solution, which uses the power of machine learning algorithms, to ensure customers can access and gather publicly available data easily and ethically, without the risk of detection from anti-bot solutions. Key features include: AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting, designed to imitate an organic user’s behaviour, ensuring 100 percent success rate against bot detection. AutoRetries system, meaning the platform will automatically retry data extraction in case of any unsuccessful attempt. Highly scalable and customisable by utilising Oxylabs’ global IP proxy infrastructure. The ability to tailor your requests to retrieve Javascript heavy website content at scale. Existing users able to...

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NGMN Alliance Publishes Second 5G White Paper Pushing the 5G Ecosystem

Frankfurt, GERMANY, 04 August, 2020 – The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance published its second 5G White Paper and has launched further projects based on its conclusions. After the highly recognised NGMN 5G White Paper published in 2015, the NGMN Alliance followed up with another leading message to the mobile industry demonstrating how NGMN continues to drive the ecosystem forward. Whilst initial 5G services have been launched, there is much more underway to realise the full potential of 5G. The NGMN White Paper lays out how 5G is expected to increasingly enable new business models and many new use cases, and gives its recommendation on how to realise the full benefits of virtualisation, cloud, edge computing and more. One of the obvious conclusions is, that the industry must avoid fragmentation by adopting global standards with open, interoperable interfaces and application programming interfaces, thereby delivering the promise of agility and scalability. Some of the key elements the 5G White Paper 2 highlights are: A common Operator platform architecture is desired in order to allow edge computing to be used on a global scale. Mobile Network Operators are uniquely placed to provide a fully integrated solution for Verticals that encompasses networks, clouds and platforms, with dynamic customisation, partnerships, end-to-end management, carrier-grade security and efficient spectrum use. Mobile Network Operators and Verticals should increase their engagement to develop meaningful, mutually-beneficial partnerships...

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Ooredoo Qatar’s 5G commercial services go live with Nokia cloud-native 5G core network

Nokia cloud-native 5G core network allows Ooredoo Qatar to deliver a wide breadth of commercial 5G services to its retail and enterprise users This milestone reaffirms Ooredoo Qatar’s commitment to transforming network assets to cloud-native technology 29 July 2020 Espoo, Finland – Nokia has today announced that Ooredoo Qatar has launched a Nokia-powered cloud-native core network for commercial 5G services, allowing the operator to provide superior mobile broadband services to its roughly two million subscribers in Qatar. The new core network facilitates automation for improved network efficiency and streamlined network management. The transformation of the core network also enables Ooredoo Qatar to bring new and exciting use cases such as Industrial IOT (IIoT), Voice over Broadband (VoBB), Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) to its subscribers. Furthermore, Nokia’s equipment and professional services will help Ooredoo Qatar to scale its network more efficiently with automated operations and enhanced robustness. 5G technology demands a dynamic, agile, and easily scalable core network, which can address the ever-increasing traffic without any impact on the performance. The cloud-native core is essential to meet the critical business objectives of 5G, including better bandwidth and latency, the requirement of IoT, and providing new and exciting services that go beyond the traditional offerings of voice, broadband and messaging by service providers. Nokia AirFrame data center hardware, CloudBand Application Manager, CBIS OpenStack Software, Voice and Cloud Packet Core Virtual Network Functions,...

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