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Authorities still make little use of open standard ODF

by david.nunes

Authorities still make little use of open standard ODF


Aia Software demonstrates ODF support at 7th ODF Plugfest


Nijmegen, November 17th 2011 – On Thursday and Friday of this week, document management company Aia Software will be one of the participants of the international ODF Plugfest, which this year is organized in Gouda – The Netherlands.


ODF is the open standard for (office) documents. Since 2007, Dutch government bodies have striven to exchange all documents using this standard, which ensures that local government and organizations have freedom in their choice of software packages: every subcontractor is free to deliver ODF-support in their products.   


Kitty Kösters, Business Consultant at Aia Software, said: “We have been supporting ODF in our product portfolio for years, along with numerous other standards. We understand that governmental organizations like to select an application based on functions rather than to be obliged to make use of an established application. With budget cuts, it becomes even more compelling to consider ODF. Of course, we are delighted to help.”


Plugfest is being organized by the Open Doc Society and Nederland Open Bureau in Verbinding (NoiV), with the ODF user group governing bodies and organizations. The ODF Plugfest is aimed at promoting the open standard and offers subcontractors easy document exchange.


On November 17, 2011, Dutch subcontractors will work together on a number of hypothetical scenarios. More importantly, subcontractors will meet and share experiences.


Ineke Schop, program manager at NoiV said: “At NoiV we work closely with Dutch subcontractors to find practical solutions for local governments and other authorities to help them manage their IT using open standards. I am happy to see that a number of subcontractors are using ODF Plugfest to refine their products, demonstrating that they are forerunners in supporting the open document format. In this way our host, the Gouda municipality (district council), and other local government bodies, aim to meet the NoiV action plan, and more importantly, help themselves to easily expand and adapt their ICT.”


About the Open Doc Society

Open Doc Society stimulates knowledge and delivers tools for subcontractors by organizing Plugfests.


About NoiV

Program bureau Nederland Open in Verbinding works for the EL&I and BZK authorities to deliver the NoiV action plan, helping authorities, education and the care sector to make use of open standards and raise awareness of the possibilities of open source software.


About Aia Software

Aia Software is a leading global supplier of documentation solutions. Their ITP Documentation Platform helps staff create relevant and personalised business-critical documentation. Over 1,000 organisations use ITP as their integrated total solution for large-scale automated generation of standard documents, individualised snippet-based correspondence, and dynamic form-based data entry. ITP integrates seamlessly with existing business applications. Aia Software is a fully independent company with its head office in the Netherlands and branch offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. www.aia-itp.com.


The ITP Document Platform

The ITP Document Platform provides sophisticated document production services. It helps create structured, on-demand and interactive documents and electronic forms. ITP enables fully automated high volume document production whilst the interactive interview process facility enables electronic forms as well as document creation through a combination of user input and automatically populated fields. All ITP document production is template based and the templates can contain sophisticated logic enabling conditional data retrieval, conditional user input, conditional formatting and derived data fields. The templates are supported by ITP´s powerful data handling facilities that can retrieve data from multiple and various sources, including but not limited to XML data, Web Services and ODBC enabled data sources.


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