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Avanti becomes first European satellite operator to offer Pay As You Go pricing for Ka-band services

by david.nunes

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Avanti becomes first European satellite operator to offer Pay As You Go pricing for Ka-band services

London, UK: Avanti, the satellite operator, today 12 July unveiled its new Avanti: Pay-As-You-Go satellite broadband service, delivered through its HYLAS 1 Ka-band satellite. This development opens new market opportunities for Avanti partners across Europe, specifically for the holiday and second home owners as well as providing an off-the-shelf product for end-users that require full control over their bills.

Avanti: Pay As You Go is targeted at meeting the need for high speed broadband access with the flexibility of no fixed term contract; traditional fixed term contracts for broadband internet services are typically 12-24 months. This new service package delivers download speeds of up to 4Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps with Data top ups available from 1 Gigabyte (GB). Now Avanti: Pay As You Go means European partners can sell satellite broadband services on a data usage basis, rather than through a monthly reoccurring charge.

Christian Georgeson, Global Marketing Director from Avanti, said: “This is a major breakthrough for providers of internet services and has the ability to transform the satellite broadband market across Europe. Our Pay as You Go pricing model will allow Avanti’s partners to reduce their credit exposure yet target customers whom may have previously not considered satellite broadband services as a viable option, therefore providing the perfect complement to contract offers”

The new pricing model will be made available to new and existing Shared Bandwidth Virtual Network Operators (SVNOs), and is supported with a toolkit of marketing assets to help partners sell the proposition even more effectively. As the capability has been developed using Avanti’s bespoke operational support system, the features are also available to customers deploying the more sophisticated Guaranteed Bandwidth Virtual Network Operator (GVNO) platform.

Christian Georgeson added: “Our research showed that particular broadband market segments such as holiday home owners, events-based services and hospitality services – right across Europe – require broadband access either seasonally or infrequently. Our new Pay as You Go proposition allows these infrequent users to purchase service on demand to match their usage requirements, wherever they are, and for however long they need.

“Other market segments may present credit challenges to partners, or some users may wish to limit their exposure to bill shock, yet still have a need for high speed service upon demand without being subject to traffic management policies. Our service allows the partner to limit their credit risk by taking upfront payment for a well-defined GB volume of service, without any additional exposure which volume based charging for excess usage in arrears would imply.”

Avanti: Pay As You Go provides yet another flexible way for its partners to address market demand for broadband in areas either poorly served or un-served by traditional broadband networks.

The key features and benefits of Avanti: Pay As You Go includes:



§ Coverage includes all major alpine and coastal resorts in Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Central and Southern Germany, Croatia, France (Brittany, Mediterranean Coast and Swiss/Italian Border), Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Northern Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including the Balearics), Switzerland and UK

§ Comprehensive coverage across Europe meaning you can get high speed broadband no matter how remote you are

§ Sold per GB, putting the customer in control

§ No bill shock: Affordable with cost control for end user

§ No monthly subscription

§ Immediately ready to use once satellite system installed and top up is purchased

§ Up to 4Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload

§ A high speed broadband product is available in any covered location

§ Partner collects payment up front

§ Improves cash flow and reduces credit risk for partners

§ Partner defined top up process

§ Partner has the flexibility to set up various ways for customers to top-up (on line or direct call)

§ Includes White label User Portal an partner branding

§ Partner has the ability to present and use their brand in a professional way and provide an interface for users to manage their accounts

§ Warning emails process to promote topping up by end user

§ Stimulates revenue, partner does not have to chase the customer

§ Avanti: Pay-As-You Go Incorporates application interfaces (APIs) as standard

§ Allows partner to integrate own payment systems allowing full automation of payment process saving time and resource


About Avanti

Avanti communications Group plc, sells satellite data communications services to telecoms companies which use them to supply residential, enterprise and institutional users. Avanti’s first satellite, called HYLAS 1, launched on November 26th 2010 and was the first Ka-band satellite launched in Europe. Avanti’s second satellite, called HYLAS 2, is on target for launch in July 2012. It will extend Avanti’s coverage to Africa and the Middle East. Avanti’s third satellite HYLAS 3, to be launched in partnership with ESA in 2015, will provide further capacity in the EMEA region.  Some 80% of Avanti’s fleet capacity will address the emerging telecommunications markets of Africa and the Middle East.

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