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Avature Announces the Release of a New Social Business Platform Designed for Managing Internal Employee Mobility Across the Global Enterprise

by david.nunes

Avature Announces the Release of a New Social Business Platform Designed for Managing Internal Employee Mobility Across the Global Enterprise

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina and LONDON, June 14, 2013 – Avature, a leading SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider of Human Capital Management software for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, announces the release of a new product during SHRM’s Annual Conference: Avature SIM. Based on the award winning Avature platform, Avature SIM is a highly configurable Corporate Social Intranet designed to enable large global companies to leverage social media concepts for workforce management.

“Global organizations are discovering that in order for agile business practices to take hold, new social technology is required,” commented Dimitri Boylan, Avature’s founder and CEO, “one that supports organic business activity and employee generated networks together with company driven processes and group structures.”

Using Avature SIM, Human Resources departments will be able to lead the transition to an agile enterprise by developing internal talent pools and facilitating employee mobility, while introducing a new level of visibility to the workforce. HR Managers can use Avature’s workflow builder to create multiple, fully customized and socially oriented on-boarding and off-boarding processes based on geography, job level, or urgency, and easily report on all movement across the organization.

Avature’s flexible data model supports any sub-set of core HR data and a virtually unlimited amount of employee generated data from each personal SIM Profile. Powerful search and segmentation features can be used with message templates for branded employee communication and engagement, and all messages (email, SMS, and posts) are recorded in the employee’s Journal.

Like all Avature products, Avature SIM works on major browsers and can be accessed from mobile devices running Android and iOS. In addition, it comes complete with the end-user accessible Solution Design Tools so HRIS Business Analysts can configure additional solutions to support policy management, performance initiatives, and other internal manpower related processes. Avature SIM provides a complete set of Open APIs for easy integration to other products and services. And Avature’s Constellation Architecture ensures that Avature SIM integrates seamlessly into other Avature products, both at the data and the process levels.

Avature’s early discussions with HR Leaders indicated that new practices and behaviors are expected to evolve within the Social Intranet that will support a more professionally rewarding environment for talent. The benefit of this is increased retention, as employees realize that they do not have to move out to move up, and that moving around within the company can be a challenging and exciting part of their career progression that is directly aligned with the company’s objectives.

“The social generation is arriving to the office with new expectations and a new, more open and collaborative work style,” commented Ezequiel Vazquez, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Avature, “and Avature SIM is designed to align this work style with real business needs.”

Avature SIM will be available in Beta form in the fall of this year (2013).

About Avature

From its founding in 2005 by Dimitri Boylan, co-founder and former CEO of Hotjobs.com, Avature has focused on redefining the Human Capital Management (HCM) software market with game changing Web 2.0 technology. Avature CRM, the company’s flagship product, was launched in 2008 as a flexible platform to support agile global talent acquisition practices. Avature customers include 41 of the Fortune 500 and 200 of the Global 2000. Avature has offices in Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Portland, London, Munich, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit www.avature.net.

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