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Axiros tapped by Optimus Portugal

by david.nunes

Optimus Portugal Selects Axiros’ Axess.ACS for its Network

Optimus Portugal has selected Axiros to power its IP-based wireless and wireline network, enabling a transparent and integrated management of consumer equipment. The Axiros-Optimus partnership brings to the marketplace:

· Increased capacity, ubiquity, and Quality of Experience,

· Cost Control and improved cost allocation,

· Infrastructure optimization, efficiency, and

· Complete connectivity of a broad array of consumer electronic appliances.

(Munich, Germany) – Axiros, the technology leader in advanced Service and Device Management, announced today that Optimus Portugal, has selected Axiros’ AXESS.ACS to power its new 4G LTE network. AXESS. ACS is the only truly convergent Device Management platform for wireline and wireless services in the consumer and enterprise market segment.

The partnership is significant because LTE boasts considerable potential to enable new service creation. Not just more bandwidth, but a truly IP-based E2E wireless network that allows continuous connectivity to a new set of consumer electronic devices. To this extent AXESS.ACS, with its dynamic configuration engine, is more than just an ACS (Auto Configuration Server). It becomes a key component of the Service Delivery Platform.

AXESS.ACS will allow Optimus to address the many challenges facing the telecommunications industry today. Notably, it will provide Optimus with continuous improvement in its cost allocation; will benefit with its continuous focus on improving operational efficiency; and it will allow for a greater range of consumer devices to be simultaneously managed and monitored. Because AXESS.ACS is device agnostic, it easily addresses – by design – the device diversity issue.

Axiros CEO Kurt Peterhans says his company is thrilled to bring AXESS.ACS to Optimus Portugal. “Optimus is committed to providing a seamless and cost-effective customer experience,” he says. “Obviously, we’re pleased that they recognize the reliability and innovativeness of our product and its ability to meet these needs. We pride ourselves on the value of our quality of experience and the return on investment it provides.”

Optimus CTO José Pinto Correia concurs. The modular design, the flexibility to incorporate operator and equipment specific needs in short time and the controlled costs were essential factors on the vendor section.

One of the drivers for the project was to broaden the footprint of the solution (traditionally focused on FTTH and DSL Equipment) to recent devices available on LTE networks, stepping out of the wireline and into the Wireless configuration.

In addition to AXESS.ACS, Optimus will benefit from Axiros’ full suite of solutions including its unique network intelligence platform, AXTRACT. AXTRACT provides Communications Service Providers with the tools necessary to controlling and managing infrastructure costs.

About Optimus

Optimus is a fully integrated telecommunications, providing a complete portfolio of mobile and fixed solutions to approximately 4 million users.

With a latest generation converging network of its own, Optimus offers the most advanced solutions in voice, television, e-services and new generation internet, through UMTS, HSPA, fiber optics and LTE.

Optimus offers the most advanced solutions in voice, internet, television and e-services, and assures, no matter customers are fixed or mobile, corporate or individual, they will be able to make the most of the new technologies, adapting them to their unique profile and experiences.

More information available at www.optimus.pt

About Axiros

Axiros provides device and service management solutions across fixed and mobile networks for consumer, enterprise and M2M markets. Axiros solutions are scalable, flexible, modular and most importantly – open, giving providers the ability to manage and support any protocol, any device, any service – at any time.

Distinguished by domain expertise and innovation, coupled with world-class software design, Axiros uniquely delivers the robust management capabilities and solutions service providers need today and in the future, as demand and complexity associated with new services grows.

Founded in 2002, Axiros is based in Munich, Germany with sales offices in Italy, Russia, Brazil and New York.

Axiros. Lasting Advantage. Made in Germany. www.axiros.com

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