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b•lite to be the first to introduce 4G to European capital

by david.nunes

17 September 2012

b•lite to be the first to introduce 4G to European capital

Clearwire Belgium has got a new name: b•lite. The new telecom operator is rapidly building a fully fledged 4G network to be able to offer HD televison, telephone services and internet, completely wireless at the most competitive prices.

b•lite is the first operator that is able to offer 4G to its customers in Brussels. The b•lite

network will be ready to provide completely wireless 4G internet for Brussels before the end of this year and later other major cities will be added.

CEO Max Heilbron has big plans for b•lite. His aim is to start a genuine revolution within the world of telecommunication. Where “old” operators are still using copper and cables, b•lite jumps in with 4G technology:
wireless, fast and extremely flexible ­ even for areas where connection speed was not always great in the past. Given time, b•lite will be the fast, wireless and affordable alternative for digital TV, telephone services and internet. Ultimately, b•lite also wants to cut down Belgian prices and bring them back to a European average.

Heilbron is a seasoned telecom entrepreneur who is able to rapidly transform new technologies into opportunities. One of his most recent success stories is 3starsNet.com, the largest independent Voice over IP-operator in Belgium for individuals, enterprises and subcontractors.
Last April, his company TechMax bought Clearwire Belgium (B2C) – now b•lite – and Mac Telecom (B2B). The new b€lite is ambitious and realistic:
the market is in full motion, but investors have committed to long term investments. The existing antenna park is being adapted and expanded specifically for the 4G license over 3.5 GHz frequency.

b•lite clients will not need a telephone or cable connection whatsoever.
One power point for the 4G modem is enough to set up an entire home network for phones, internet and HD television. b•lite explicitely aims at the new generation of people who live in the “cloud”: those that focus on tablets and smartphones, those that want to stay connected at all times – wherever their lives take them. Just think of expats who don’t want home bound internet connections – restaurants and urban bars that want to be online quickly and easily – e-workers switching from office to home work – students in digs – and so forth.

b•lite enables their urban lifestyles to be completely flexible, affordable and ultra fast.


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