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B2 Group selects Java technology from Waratek and delivers further benefits to customers

by david.nunes

B2 Group selects Java technology from Waratek and delivers further benefits to customers

Innovative JVM specialist provides key to unlock the power of Java

London, United Kingdom, 14 May, 2013 The B2 Group provider of cloud based FX, funds and payments STP software and consultancy solutions to transaction banks and corporates across the globe, announced today the successful implementation of Waratek’s CloudVM for Java. This innovative solution provides additional enhancements to the already robust hosted environment in which B2’s Global Transaction Services (GTS) platform has been gaining traction in the market.

“Significant investment and expertise has been invested by The B2 Group team in the development of our GTS platform to ensure it runs successfully in a hosted environment, for those clients who prefer this option. That said, there are some very talented technologists in our industry who continue to identify new ways that users can realise even more benefits from Java technology and we are keen to continue to utilise best of breed technologies in our B2 solutions. We have been impressed by the work done by Waratek, recently recognised by SWIFT’s Innotribe as a 2013 Innovator finalist and named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in their 2013 Application and Integration Platforms report[1]. They are a great team to work with and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association. ” comments Phil Boland, Chief Executive Officer, The B2 Group.

Waratek’s CloudVM for Java specifically provides The B2 Group with three key benefits, namely


  1. Reduces the hosting burden. B2 can continue to offer cost effective financial messaging services, by using centralised execution of multiple applications and sharing resources on a reduced server footprint;
  2. Enables multi-tenancy environments. Traditionally organisations need to maintain separate environments for each individual client which is expensive. With Waratek, we can safely and securely host multiple clients on a single machine, without risk, and better manage and control costs of the IT utility service, and
  3. Improved the time-to-market for new services – Waratek allows us to add new clients onto the platform, re-allocate resources between clients depending on their needs or add new code in one environment without impacting the other environments.

The Waratek CloudVM for Java is a JVM that virtualizes Java at the software level. This unique hypervisor is built inside the JVM itself, enabling applications to gain the classic benefits of Cloud Computing without a single line of code change. Applications run in isolated containers providing increased application density, greater use of resources and improved performance.

Brian Maccaba, Chief Executive Officer, Waratek adds “We are delighted that The B2 Group have chosen our Waratek CloudVM for Java solution as part of their on-going drive to deliver excellence to their customers. There is no doubt that the Cloud opens up a myriad of opportunities for business today, providing they have built their applications on a robust and agile technology. We believe, and are totally committed to ensuring Java users can squeeze every bit of value out of the technology. Waratek is very well placed to offer Java users excellent ROI and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to anyone who feels they would like to do more, for less.”

[1] Cool Vendors in Application and Integration Platforms, 2013 dated 16 April 2013. Authors: Benoit J. Lheureux, W. Roy Schulte, Yefim V. Natis,, Massimo Pezzini, Michele Cantara and Ben Huang

About The B2 Group
B2 Group provides cloud based FX, Funds and Payments STP software and consultancy solutions to transaction banks and corporates across the world, especially in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company’s flagship Global Transaction Services (“GTS”) platform underpins a suite of specific functional modules, providing rapid integration, improved STP rates and efficient counterparty integration and client on-boarding. A broad range of complex business processes and financial messages, transactions and report processing capabilities are fully supported using most proprietary and market standards. B2 Group is a trusted provider delivering robust technology to meet today’s business challenges. Established in 2001, the company, based in Luxembourg and London, has partnerships with major industry practitioners and representative offices in New York (GMG) and Johannesburg (ITQ) For further information, please visit www.theb2group.net

About Waratek
Waratek is a specialist JVM company which has developed disruptive and patented technology leading to the next generation of virtualization. The team’s extensive and revolutionary research has led to game-changing Cloud technology, which increases application density whilst bringing the benefits of Cloud delivery to core code. The Waratek CloudVM imbues Java with Cloud features, such as elasticity and multitenancy, reducing application infrastructure requirements, and improving the speed-to-market for existing and new Java applications. Unique utility metering provides resource specific statistics and allows for application charge-back. Waratek is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in London and New York. Backed by 50 international investors, the largest is Mangrove Capital Partners, a leading VC and the biggest investor in Skype.For further information and to download a free trial of the Waratek CloudVM for Java please visit www.waratek.com.


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