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Back-up Photos & Music without a Computer with PlexEasy

by david.nunes

Back-up Photos & Music without a Computer with PlexEasy

Plextor Launch Standalone DVD Writer with Screen & USB/SD Reader


February 16th, 2011 – Plextor have announced the UK release of the PlexEasy (PX-650US) – a unique DVD/CD writer which lets users transfer and back-up data without the need for a computer.


First unveiled in December 2011, the PlexEasy expands on Plextor’s high quality optical storage portfolio and is designed to be “Easy, intuitive and compatible”. The versatile device combines a compact 8x DVD/CD writer with a built-in SD/MMC card reader and USB port, allowing users to transfer and create backups from data stored on memory card or directly from devices such as tablets, smartphones, hard disks, flash drives, camcorders, or digital cameras.


The thoughtful design of the PlexEasy offers an effortless solution for home or office users who are less familiar with technology, or for those who aren’t near a computer but who still need to back-up precious data such as photos or music files.


Transfer and Back-up data from digital devices – without a PC:


The PlexEasy is compatible with mass storage devices, connecting via USB to MP3 players, flash drives and external hard disks. Users can transfer files from an SD/MMC card onto another storage device in addition to burning data from both mediums directly onto DVD/CD.


Additional support is provided for Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), an image transfer technology integrated into most models of cameras and smartphones. This intelligent feature allows users to back-up photos straight from their camera (point-and-shoot or DSLR) or smartphone (iOS, Android, Blackberry etc).


The clever part is that backing up and file transfers on the PlexEasy can be done entirely without the need for a computer connection. Combined with a slim, lightweight and highly portable package, the PlexEasy offers a space saving, luggage-friendly solution to keeping files safe whether at home, in the office or away on travels.



Intuitive design and technology for simple, fuss-free transfers:


Simplicity was a key focus in the development of the PlexEasy, resulting in a user-centric design which allows easy control and navigation using buttons located on the top of the device. 


When connecting the source device (where the original files to back-up are stored), the PlexEasy will automatically identify the logical destination medium to transfer data to, and users can even check the status of active transfers using the integrated LCD screen. So, with just a simple touch of a button, invaluable memories can be stored safely or shared with friends and loved ones.



Connect to a PC for a traditional DVD burner mode:


Building upon Plextor’s prestigious optical drive technology, the PlexEasy can also be connected to a PC or notebook, offering the full functionality of a high-end external DVD burner and delivering benefits even to advanced computer users with 8x writing speed and support for all types of CDs and DVDs.


When using the portable PlexEasy alongside a notebook or PC, users won’t need to worry about additional power cables as the drive draws its power from the USB ports using the USB Y-Cable (included in the package).*


*In standalone mode, the device is powered with a 5V /2A AC/DC adapter.


Pricing & Warranty:


The PlexEasy (PX-650US) is available now for approximately £90 including VAT.


Plextor offers 2 years of ‘Fast Warranty Service’ in the EU, Norway and Switzerland for the PlexEasy (and 1 year carry-in in other countries).


PlexEasy Specifications (PX-650US):


* Direct backing up USB storage device

* Direct burning photos & videos

* Built-in SD Card reader (SD/MMC slot)

* 8x slim DVD / CD Re-Writable Burner

* Compatible with:

o CD and DVD media

o USB Flash drives

o External hard disk

o SD cards (SDHC class 2,4,6) and MMC

o Most digital cameras & camcorders

o Tablet PC and smartphone (IOS & Android)

* Monochrome LCD, English Supported

* Type A USB 2.0 port

* Mini B USB 2.0 port (for PC mode)

* 5V/2A DC Jack

* Power Supply: AC/DC Adaptor (100V~240V) Output 5V/2A

* Dimensions: 142x182x21 mm (WxLxH)

* Weight (without adaptor): 385g


About Plextor:

Plextor is a leading brand of high-performance digital media solutions for professionals, consumers and enterprises. Since entering the European market in 1994, Plextor has introduced a number of award winning products, including Solid State Disks, CD/DVD recordable drives, Blu-ray drives, Portable HDD storage solutions, Media Players and Networked Attached Storage devices.



Facebook: Plextor Europe

Twitter: @ plextoreurope

YouTube: plextorofficial


UK Trade Authorized Distributor:


Ingram Micro

Tel: +44 (0) 870 1660160 



CCI Distribution

Tel: +44 (0) 1423 704700     




Tel: +44 (0) 333 101 8888



Sales Enquiries:


Plextor Europe

Tel: +31 (0) 402508052





*EU, Norway & Switzerland. Other countries 1 year warranty.


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