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Bahamas upgrades to 4G mobile services

by david.nunes


4 January, 2012







Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) business in The Bahamas, The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), has significantly upgraded its mobile services.


BTC has introduced a new mobile data network which will enable its customers to access mobile data services such as games, video and mobile applications for the first time. The new mobile data network uses „fourth generation (4G) high speed packet access plus (HSPA+) technology. Bahamians previously only had access to „second generation (2G) mobile services.



BTC has also launched mobile broadband services so that islanders can start to use laptops and tablet computers without needing to be in range of a fixed or Wi-Fi broadband network.

The 4G launch was held at the official opening of BTCs new flagship store at the Marathon Mall in the capital of The Bahamas, Nassau. The 6,500 square foot retail store includes working smart phone handsets and tablet computers, loaded with mobile apps for customers to try.



Geoff Houston, the Chief Executive of BTC, said:



“Using 4G our customers can communicate, engage socially, handle business and manage many other aspects of life using mobile handsets. For both Bahamians, and the tourists on which this economy depends, this is another significant step forward in the modernisation of the telecommunications infrastructure for these islands.”



The 4G mobile network was turned on by Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Hubert A. Ingraham, who said:



“In the most basic terms, and complementing the governments e-government initiative, this new technology means that BTC is offering a modern platform where persons are able to complete a banking transaction and renew their drivers license from their mobile phone device, whilst taking care of other matters. I believe that BTCs introduction of 4G demonstrates the companys commitment to the Bahamian public.”




CWC purchased a majority shareholding in BTC earlier this year from the Government of The Bahamas. The introduction of 4G mobile services is part of a transformation process designed to give The Bahamas all the opportunities and advantages of a connected society. BTC has also recently reduced the price of mobile data and increased the speed of its fixed line broadband services.


CWC is currently introducing 4G (HSPA+) mobile data services in a number of its Caribbean businesses.






About fourth generation (4G) mobile services



Mobile phones have been through several generations of development.

The introduction of basic data services (predominantly text messaging) was called second generation (2G). EDGE networks provide faster connectivity to enable easier usage of mobile internet. EDGE networks are often marketed as 2.5G.


The 3G standard was given to networks utilising High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology, which enables even faster download speeds and the use of multimedia services such as video calling and streamed video clips. 3G networks also enable operators to launch mobile broadband services.


The International Telecoms Union has now designated that a further generational leap has taken place in mobile technology. The 4G standard is awarded to a range of network technologies including HSPA+, WiMax and Long Term Evolution (LTE).





About Cable & Wireless Communications



Cable & Wireless Communications is a global full-service communications business. We operate leading communications businesses through four regional units – the Caribbean, Panama, Macau and Monaco & Islands. Our services include mobile, broadband and domestic and international fixed line services in most of our markets as well as pay TV, data centre and hosting, carrier and managed service /social telecom (telecom enabled public services) solutions. Our operations are focused on providing our customers – consumers, businesses, governments – with world-class service. Serving the communities where we operate is at the heart of our approach, and we are committed to behaving in an ethical and socially responsible manner. For more information visit www.cwc.com.



About BTC


The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is the leading telecoms operator in The Bahamas. We are jointly owned by Cable & Wireless Communications (51%) and the Government of The Bahamas (49%). Cable & Wireless Communications has both management and Board control. We are the exclusive mobile operator in The Bahamas, as well as a leading provider of fixed-line, broadband services, enterprise and carrier services.



We are a significant investor into the Bahamian community, supporting organisations such as the Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations (BAAA) and organising events such as the annual BTC Blood Drive and BTC Starmaker contest. For more information, please visit: http://www.btcbahamas.com







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