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Baicells and Parley Labs Partner to Serve Emerging Decentralized Networks Opportunities with 5G Hotspot Solutions

by Brenda Lafeuillee

New Wireless Operators like FreedomFi offer a decentralized network model to address the coverage and capacity challenges in today’s connected landscape

Plano, Texas – July 27, 2022. Baicells Technologies, a leading provider of LTE and 5G cellular solutions for enterprises and communities, and Parley Labs, a provider and reseller of Blockchain solutions supporting IoT and LTE connectivity, have announced a partnership to address the Decentralized Wireless Network (DeWi) space. These DeWi networks are an alternative model that help deliver advanced wireless coverage, indoors and out, to communities and enterprises across the US.

Baicells is already a leading solution provider to DeWi operators like FreedomFi with its 430H and 436H Small Cells that come pre-provisioned with operator gateway software that enables a quick and easy setup. These DeWi networks are open for participation to anyone who can easily purchase a turnkey 5G Hotspot solution bundle from organizations like Baicells, Parley Labs, or even the DeWi operator. With the advances in small cell technology, these platforms are increasingly affordable and easy to deploy, helping bring cellular connectivity and its inherent benefits to users and enterprises of all types and sizes.

The 5G hotspots in these DeWi networks use CBRS spectrum to connect to a long list of user devices like smart phones, tablets, scanners, video cameras, and more. CBRS compatible network devices have been available for over three years. For the latest list of devices and membership companies – check out the OnGo Alliance website.

Once deployed and in service, the 5G Hotspot owner earns MOBILE Tokens for providing wireless coverage and connectivity to user devices. As more devices connect and more traffic is transported on the DeWi small cell, the owner earns more. The MOBILE tokens then have value as a crypto currency from the Helium network community. The date to first start earning these MOBILE tokens is scheduled for July, so the timing to be an early adopter can be attractive to many.

“Never before has an individual, small business, or community been able to take control of their wireless infrastructure like they can now. Through our partnership with BaiCells, we are enabling our customers and the greater DeWi community to participate in this paradigm shift of wireless infrastructure. BaiCells and Parley Labs are putting power into the hands of those who are creating new opportunities and businesses; this will accelerate coverage in the most needed areas addressing the growing wireless coverage and capacity demand.” – Bryan Bui-Tuong, CEO, Parley Labs

About Baicells

Baicells is a global technology company offering turnkey 4G and 5G Network Solutions under new economics for service providers, enterprises, and communities. With commercial deployments across more than 50 countries, offices on five continents, and innovative engineering awarded 300 patents, Baicells has established itself as a technology leader. Baicells currently has more than 700 private LTE deployments in operation, including a significant presence across North America. To meet the demand for connectivity in a mobile first world, Baicells continues to scale with manufacturing capacity online in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam backed by partnerships with leading global manufacturers. Baicells innovations help connect the unconnected.

About Parley Labs

Parley Labs was born from humble beginnings as a byproduct of the original Helium Slack Community with the sole goal of helping developers build and expand on a Decentralized Wireless Network (DeWi).  The company’s passionate team continues to bridge the gap for their customers, the community and companies looking to leverage these networks.  In addition to a large-scale distribution channel as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for multiple manufacturers, Parley Labs provides full vertical connected solutions, helping companies go to market faster through engineering, marketing, and logistics support.  They source, develop, and test varying sensors for IoT solutions to maintain an elevated level of quality.  Parley Labs continues to expand their offerings with their core principles based on bridging the gap, providing access, and education surrounding decentralized networks and blockchain technology.  More information can be found at www.parleylabs.com.

About FreedomFi

FreedomFi is revolutionizing wireless by building an Open 5G mobile network leveraging open-source software, flexible spectrum, blockchain, and community participation to increase access, expand coverage, and lower costs for everyone. Founded by open-source software veterans and telecom experts, the company is one of the top contributors of code to project Magma, which is governed by the Linux Foundation and is quickly emerging as the standard for decentralized wireless infrastructure. FreedomFi is backed by Blueyard Capital, Qualcomm Ventures and Samsung Next.

Learn more at https://freedomfi.com/

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