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New – Bango Dashboard

by david.nunes

Announcing Bango Dashboard

A unique operator view of digital sales across major app stores

Apps World, San Francisco, February 6th 2014. Bango (AIM: BGO), the leader in mobile payment for app stores, today announces its latest product innovation: Bango Dashboard. This entirely new product has emerged from Bango’s analytics technology, giving Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) a three dimensional view of their subscribers’ digital content purchases, across the world’s largest app stores.

MNOs increasingly provide mobile payment for app stores, using direct operator billing. This offers subscribers the ability to purchase digital content on their mobile device with just one click, charging the cost to their mobile phone bill. Most of the world’s largest app stores are racing to introduce direct operator billing, recognising its superior conversion rate, universal reach and massively smooth user experience, especially compared to credit card, gift card and other traditional online payment methods.

But there is an information vacuum at the heart of these efforts: operators cannot easily see what apps their subscribers are buying. Bango Dashboard gives operators precise visibility and insight on all sales, across all of their connected app stores. The degree by which data is exposed can be controlled by the app store provider, through a Disclosure Control feature, so that details such as device type or content name can be concealed at the discretion of the app store.

Bango Dashboard leverages proven mobile analytics technology to provide scale and speed of reporting. It reveals exact details about products sold and the customers purchasing them, allowing MNOs to; accurately measure and compare their app store relationships; to manage their billing systems and; to build engagements with their subscribers through a precise understanding of consumer behaviour and purchases.

This unified, comparative view is absolutely unique, and promises to provide an unprecedented understanding of direct operator billing performance globally.

Bango has become the payments platform of choice for most of the world’s leading app stores. The giants of mobile are racing to embrace operator billing, and choose Bango to build high-quality direct connections into the world’s largest MNOs.

Bango CEO Ray Anderson commented: “Only Bango marries award winning mobile billing and analytics technology with a comprehensive set of app store partnerships, including Google Play, Amazon, Facebook, Blackberry World, Windows Phone Store and Firefox Marketplace, making consistent cross-app store dashboards a reality. This information is the key to optimizing payments, increasing relevance and building subscriber engagement and value”.

Bango Dashboard for Operators is offered on a subscription basis, beginning with a basic executive view package and with additional packages tailored to specialist teams. The product is available immediately for all transactions processed using Bango Payment and no additional integration work is required. It can be extended to measure any app store or merchant payments not processed by Bango, or to measure third party billing solutions. Bango expects to widen its offering over the coming period to include dashboards for other groups in the mobile content value chain, including app stores and larger digital merchants.

Mobile network operators already using Bango Payments are invited to evaluate Bango Dashboard for Operators and should contact sales for further information: sales@bango.com

Bango Dashboard images and screengrabs are available on request.


About Bango

In the era of mobile technology, collecting payments has emerged as a central and complex challenge. Bango powers payment and analytics on the mobile web, providing users with a massively smooth payment experience.

Bango’s pervasive presence across the web creates a platform effect for partners, identifying hundreds of millions of users and maximizing the number of one-click payments. Global leaders plugging into Bango include Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and major mobile brands including CNN, Cartoon Network and EA Mobile.


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