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Basset launches Roaming Billing by Basset 5.0 and an ARP Solution

by david.nunes

Basset launches Roaming Billing by Basset 5.0 and an ARP Solution

Basset launches Roaming Billing by Basset 5.0 – a full Roaming Management Solution. With the ARP solution operators will be ready for the EU 2014 Roaming Regulation.

Following the introduction of new EU regulations in July 2014, subscribers will have the choice to opt for the roaming services of an Alternative Roaming Provider while keeping their SIM card and mobile number. Alternative Roaming Providers (ARPs) could be mobile network operators (MNOs) in both home and visited countries, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and resellers of mobile communication services. These new regulations will post both challenges and opportunities for operators within EU.

Basset is since many years a specialist in the partner and roaming billing domain. Roaming billing is still considered a high margin business, even though recent years of competition and regulations have forced operators to start looking for alternatives to increase their revenues and keep up their margins.

With the new release of Roaming Billing 5.0 – the solution provides an alternative for operators to get more out of the business. The Roaming Billing 5.0 has taken yet another step to provide a full Roaming Management System.

In Basset’s continuous effort to provide a system highly adaptable to changes and new requirements, the Roaming Billing 5.0 features:

  • Rating Engine – The new rating engine enables new advanced rating schemes and support of even more complex discount agreements.
  • Multi PMN solution – Even though the system has been well proven for Telco groups this features simplifies and gives the system an enormous flexibility in terms of working with Roaming hubs, MVNOs or in the case of ARP.
  • System enhancements – the backend platform has taken another leap in terms of supporting the next generation hardware and software with a new database model.
  • Improved web user interface – the web user interface now supports a more intuitive workflow and possibilities for automation of repetitive work. A number of steps have been taken to increase system usability, preventing costly errors and making the system easier for new users to learn.

About Basset:
Basset offers billing products for the Telecom and Utility industries. We have 16 years of experience with installations in 70 countries. Our offering holds world class products and is designed for you to get the most out of investments already made. Our focus is on solving real problems and helping your business leapfrog the competition.

Read more at www.basset.com

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